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Match day thread: Mansfield


  • I hope it's not a friendly lol

    edited March 2016

    dam it ha ha I used wrong template!

    Edit: F**k me wrong year as well, sorry guys!

  • When i saw that i thought what the ....? lol!

  • @bse your tireless service excuses the occasional error.

  • Classy reply DemRep. Looking at todays line up I'm hoping for some 60 minute subs, let the old bucks boys up front show what they can do and get the young guns in off the bench to finish them off.

    Here's hoping we break our one goal hoodoo, how many games since a brace stattos?


  • I said sixty, not six!

  • Orient 1 down. COYB

  • Get in there!

  • Harriman strikes again.

  • HARRiMAN!!!!

  • see what happens when you celebrate a goal.

  • Harriman was booked for excessive celebrations. Lovely stuff.

  • 4 home wins on the trot, this hasn't happened since 2011.

  • First half was really boring not much happened at all. Second half we looked more threatening and the subs worked well and were ultimately unlucky to hit the bar and the post and end the game 1-0. COYB

  • What was the attendance today? Looked very busy in every stand aside from the away end.

  • Just over 5000

  • 5,003 with 216 away fans according to WWFC.

  • Deserved to win on the second half performance. Got the ball down and out wide earlier. Harriman touch and turn to get down the line was the best piece of skill in the game and made the difference.

  • Interested to know the story behind the Sam Wood substitution after he went to the side he did a couple of sprints then Gaz came over put an arm around him said something and Woody walked to the tunnel.

  • Post match Gareth said Sam was now in a knee brace and would be out for a while. The medical team must have seen something that Sam was trying to play through, as Gareth also said he wasn't prepared to risk a players knees.

  • And now that we have plenty of cover there it sends a message to those considering lending us plauers that we take care and won't risk them. Good move, good three points, roll on Monday!

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