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  • Not paid for by the share scheme ??

  • It has been there for ages, although not in use recently; formerly the Kenco coffee pod. Re-painted by volunteers.

  • I think it should be called the re-tardis.

  • If the temperature inside the last pie I had is anything to go by perhaps we could sell the hut to the government to use instead of those nasty nuclear reactors.

  • Indeed Morris. I've found the only way to eat wwfc pies is to purchase just before kick off, then leave it to cool down, and it should just about be ready to eat at about 5pm the following Thursday.

  • Also, what happened to the excellent balti pies we used to sell? Haven't seen one in a long time.

  • Those balti pies are the mutts nuts. Didn't we change caterers this season? Perhaps it's supplier issues.

  • How wer the pies today? I wasn't there.

  • Are they still the awful Bisto pies?

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