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Sir Colin

It'll be good to have Sir Colin Daniel joining us at Adams Park tomorrow. I do hope he's going to get suitable recognition for scoring the most important goal in our Football League history.


  • Minutes applause on 36 would be appropriate .

  • I repeat my lyrics from a similar thread when he resigned for Mansfield a month or so ago, broadly because frankly I am rather pleased with them, sad bast*rd that I am. Zero chance of them being sung of course and no I didn't do particularly well at school in English or music come to that. Cue abuse from the usual suspects no doubt.

    Last time Daniel played down the Mem
    there were horse on the pitch with fans punching them
    Oh oh oh oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
    Cos it looks like Daniel's
    sent Rovers out the League

    OOh ooh ooh Daniel my brother, you've never been a chairboy
    Do you still feel the love from all of us on our side
    you never scored for us but you saved us all the same
    Daniel your a star
    you always will be in our eyes

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    Generic abuse

    Why are the lessons of history never learnt?

  • tbh this has long passed, we have said thanks to Mansfield and we will be looking to do the double over them tomorrow.

  • Not that I'll ever forget being at Torquay but I wonder how, in a few years time, history will view the events. Bristol Rovers had an exciting season in the Conference finishing with a win at Wembley, while we had an exiting season in Div 4 finishing with a loss at Wembley. Next season it could very well be that Rovers are in Div 3 while we still languish in Div 4. All I'm saying is that relegation doesn't seem to have done them much harm. As for welcoming Colin Daniel like some returning hero, I'd rather see us give a warm welcome to the likes of Beavon and Easter, players that scored numerous important goals for US.

  • Calm down old bean its only a bit of fun, we're not about to start building a statue to him!!

    Agree relegation didn't do Rovers much harm but I'm absolutely certain it would have decimated Wycombe Wanderers given the perilous state of our finances both then and now.

    One only has to look at what has happened to our opponents on that day, Torquay United.

    Its reasonably likely we'd have gone into administration and quite possibly bought by some of the shadier individuals that float around distressed non-league clubs.

    We dodged a bullet that day....somehow.

  • Come on @Doob relegation for us that day could have meant the end of the club as we know it, there's no way we would have done as well as Rovers did.

  • All this would we or wouldn't we have survived relegation is pure speculation isn't it? History is written by the victor and I'm not sure exactly what would have happened. Bit like the Euro Exit debate (hate the term Brexit), the simple thing is we don't know

  • Cheltenham haven't fared too badly so far, and they are of a similar stature to us.

  • There are different shades of don't know though.

    If we'd decided to play this season with eleven outfield players, we might be top of the league now. We don't know. But I think we're all fairly sure we wouldn't be.

    With the state of the finances at WWFC, if we had gone down two years ago, I don't know but I'm fairly sure it would have been catastrophic for the club. Not as sure as in the example above, but still I'm fairly confident.

    I don't know whether the new lad Sellars is going to start against Mansfield. My guess is that he won't, but that's just a hunch, without the confidence of either of the previous examples.

  • @Chris I'm not saying you are wrong but it seems to me the club have got you to buy in to the story. For me I don't trust the story tellers as this version of events is very beneficial to them. I happen to think we'd have got by ok because we would have had to.

  • That's fair enough. Teams have gone down and then done ok after all, like the Bristol Rovers example. And we will, as you say, never know. But I think there is some value in looking at counterfactuals.

    I do buy in to the story, as I have no evidence to suggest that I shouldn't. It's healthy to remain sceptical, but in some cases people do tell the truth.

  • yes I don't believe we would have gone under, its all a massive ploy to make us think we have nothing and take the pressure of GA, he has done a good job but our budget isn't as low as he likes to make out and thats pretty obvious without seeing the wage bill.

  • Why is it obvious?

    We have a small squad, with a fair few young players who are likely to be on relatively low wages. That indicates to me that we have a small budget.

  • its not as small as last year, and we have some players earning fair money for this level. McCarthy is on alot of money as is Hayes and Thommo. Alsop won't be cheap either then you have people like Wood who will be still on a good deal and Bean aswell

  • You do make up a whole bag full of rubbish and lies eh @rmjlondon
    I think you might not know a fraction of what you claim to.

  • its not made up, thats your opinion. I would say Hayes is easily on 1.5k a week and same with Thommo, Bean, Bloomfield and Harriman on 1k it soon adds up. Perhaps you have bought the story that Howard and Ainsworth peddle week in week out !!

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    I know for an absolute cast iron fact you've got at least two things wrong in this thread alone but I'm not the troll trying to justify themselves. If you've bothered to read any of my posts on the constant poverty line you'd know my views on that too.
    I'm not going to give you any more oxygen and I hope others will do the same and you'll stop taking over every thread with rubbish.

  • bore off please, I don't know the wages but that won't be far off, if you don't like what I write then don't read it.

  • @rmjlondon Well I can tell you that you are miles out with at least one of those. I bet that player would be doing cartwheels down Hillbottom Road, if he was offered the sort of money you have speculated, as you have doubled his wage packet! You really are a fantasist Richy boy.

  • @rmjlondon Just for clarificaton...are you suggesting that AH and GA are lying about the budget? And judging from your opinions on some players do you feel GA is a poor judge of striker and selling us short for the cash (you feel) he has available?

  • if Harriman signed for WWFC for 4 years on 500 a week he should have got some advice, the lad could have earned more at Luton and other clubs who wanted him back and no I don't think he is poor judge of a player just gets what he can for the wages he has but I think they could be better spent, I would think that Garry Thompson on a 2 year deal would be a mistake and wouldn't be surprised to see him moved on if it can be achieved in the summer.

  • None of us know what wages any player is on - either basic or bonuses, or how they individually compare to players at other clubs.

    We have been told that our budget is low compared to other league 2 clubs and this is consistent with the fact that we have middle attendances with relatively low per head prices, are based in a high cost area and have no sugar daddy picking up the bills.

    Every manager at every club in history has got some transfers right and some wrong - with the benefit of hindsight. Alex Ferguson is a classic example. GA has done better than could reasonably be expected hence why we reached the playoffs last year on a reported bottom six budget and re threatening to do the same this year.

  • I'm still intrigued about the 'story' AH and GA are 'peddling' about the budget and why suggesting we would have gone under is a 'massive ploy'. If it's a dastardly ploy to make the play-offs again with a weaker squad than last year...I'm all for that sort of story peddling.

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