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FA Trophy and Vase Final double at Wembley in 2016

I hate this idea. I know some will love it the neutrals but I think it totally devalues both competitions. Plus it ruins the day for the Small Vase clubs, being totally overwhelmed by large clubs like Halifax and Grimsby let alone Hereford. Should be interesting to see how they split the pubs 4 ways! Total joke. I particularly feel sorry for Morpeth Town being by far the smallest club facing the newly formed Hereford FC in the Vase final and FC Halifax town V Grimsby Town in the Trophy Final. I only see the FA worried about the Northern Leagues domination in the Vase and the fact they lose money if the gates are below a certain amount.


  • I agree in principal it's a ridiculous idea but I'll be going along to support Hereford FC

  • Agreed. The days of record crowds and streakers have made the FA greedy

  • I think the bigger Conference clubs have done more to ruin the Trophy than anything the FA have done - saw Cheltenham near enough field their youth team against Oxford City this year, and it's been the case for a few years now with getting into the league seen as the only priority for the top clubs.

    I'll go along anyway - Hereford and Grimsby should both bring a big following and make for a good atmosphere.

  • I think the Conference play-offs, tho a good idea, probably hurt the Trophy more than anything else. When just the champions gained promotion the season was over for most clubs by about February, not the case now. Same for the Champions League and the FA Cup.

  • While your point stands, I do think the playoffs are necessary as the league is already very very hard to get out of. I think more than one deserves to go up as in all likelihood the top 6 conference teams each year would be better than the bottom 2/3 in league 2.

  • I agree @AttitudeEra the play-offs are more than necessary, it's just a shame to see the effect it's had on the Trophy.

  • I'm not sure why play-offs are necessary just because a league is difficult to get out off. Isn't the essence of sporting competition - at least in part - that success is difficult to attain and therefore all the sweeter for it.

  • M3GM3G
    edited March 2016

    I believe that all play-offs should be played at a Neutral venue roughly between each side. Not necessarily at a premier league club either, although White Hart lane or The Emirates would have been perfect venues for our final. I sort of agree with @Baldric as well. Trouble is they will never go away now. Keep Wembley special for cup finals.

  • Hereford already sold 4,000 plus tickets, wouldn't be surprised to see them take more than Grimsby or Halifax.

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