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Marcus Bean Appeal

I presume we won't be appealing as we haven't heard anything and it looks likely to fail from the pictures Ive seen.


  • My feeling, at the match, was that it was a 50/50 challenge, which the Carlisle player made a meal of, and the hysterical reaction of the home crowd influenced the atrocious sod of a ref. to send Beano off. While Marcus was extremely unfortunate, in my view, I should think any appeal would be a complete waste of time.

  • Based on all previous appeals I've seen, it's not worth even bothering trying to appeal unless it seems a complete travesty of justice from all angles.

  • this is the same referee who send of Fernando Foresteri on live TV for diving when he was the victim of a two footed lunge from Michael Dawson.

  • Shocking decisions should have severe consequences for ref's and assistants refs but Beany imo got no chance with this typical fair 50/50.

  • Both feet were off the ground. No point appealing.

  • if both feet left the ground then he deserved to see red. I have no viewed it.

  • It was a poor decision from a very poor ref. What you don't pick up from the tv replay was the thud of the ball as both players connected with it. I was annoyed at the time that he'd even given a free kick.

  • It was a 50-50 and no, both feet were not off the ground. He's unlucky but a victim of the game having gone soft. No point appealing as it's not clear cut enough.

  • I'm more concerned that we missed a penalty and three points.

  • having watched it back, there is no way we would appeal would be a waste of money.

  • Some extra time to fully recover from his injury then

  • yes but leaves us a little short with 2 games in 3 days

  • but a little short of players is the story of our season...

  • The video footage was really poor on that incident wasn't it? No reall grounds for appeal but I could see why Bean felt aggreived.
    Referees are getting worse but so is the amount of cheating and pressure on refs. Bean can't really complain on that score.

  • Upon what score can Bean not really complain?
    Are you saying he is a cheat and puts pressure on referees?
    1. He is certainly NOT a cheat!
    2. He puts no more pressure on refs than anyone else - and certainly a good deal less than most.
    Weegie is correct about the thud of two boots hitting the ball at the same time. I heard it too. And on that score - it was not even a foul. Beano can most certainly feel aggrieved; as did I.

  • I must admit I think the officials have been appalling in general this season. I am getting as confused about the rules as they obviously are!

  • 3 match ban though but there we go.

  • on another note, we have Iain Williamson on Friday (last game was v Exeter last season when he gave a pen in the 8th minute of injury time) and Carl Boyeson on Monday at Notts County, not sure when he last refereed us.

  • I can't believe two people on here would make a refereeing decision based on sound alone if they didn't have a clear view of the incident!

  • 3 match ban is pretty harsh for that challenge. But at least it is a time of the season he can wipe 2 of the games off over 3 days.

    Anyone remember the time Cousins got a really soft sending off for an "elbow" and basically had to sit a whole month out?

  • Well the ref did he was blind

  • You wouldn't make a decision based upon sound alone, of course. However referees do have access to sound and should use as many of their senses, as possible, to ensure that they reach the correct decision - especially as so many of them do not have particularly acute eyesight.

  • we have some history with this referee, he gave 2 penalties against us v oxford one of which they are still searching for the ball !!

  • Rolo, I posted this on the Facebook group - both feet are off the ground!

  • Both players are going in with both feet off the ground. Both managers felt it was a poor decision. I've seen far worse challenges not even get a free kick. Unfortunately the red card has been given and wouldn't be overturned on appeal.

  • Exactly. It wasn't a red card but we would be unsuccessful if we appealed. Correct decision by the club not to appeal, and just unfortunate for Bean.

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