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Ex Wanderer Tom Heaton gets England call up

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well played. Who can name the other ex Wanderers who have gone on to wear the three lions?



  • Steve Guppy for one.

  • Heaton has been called up before but yet to earn a cap. If squad members count, Ken Swain was called up for one seasons home internationals but never played.

  • As indeed I seem to remember was Frank Fielding.

  • Regis (if Dublin counts)

  • Regis?!?! I think you misunderstand the question. DevC...this is a Wycombe question..not a Watford one

  • Steven Taylor is another one who was in England squads but never played a game.

    @LX1 Not sure why you feel it necessary to bring up Watford when DevC has made perfectly reasonable comments to the thread.

  • @Ozzie_the_Relaxed Regis does not count as the question was to go on to play for England. I think Regis had officially retired from international football when he joined us.

  • Clearly DevC didnt realise Dion Dublin played for us on loan at Loakes Park before he made his name with Cambridge.

  • Is my phone playing up? Where has @DevC mentioned Dublin? Or is he now being accused of sins of omission?

  • Sorry i meant Ozzie, I wouldnt have expected Devc to have been aware of any obscure loan signings before Saint Martins, Trophy and league exploits commencing in 1991.

  • Actually it was TAGFC who mentioned Dublin, not Ossie. Still - I shouldn't let that stop you from having a pop at poor old Dev.

  • DevC famously offered to move WWFC to Dublin for 30 pieces of silver

  • TAGFC correctly mentioned Dion Dublin, It was Ozzie the relaxed who seems to got confused about Mr Dublin, not so clever @Cyclops.

  • @ChasHarps said:
    TAGFC correctly mentioned Dion Dublin, It was Ozzie the relaxed who seems to got confused about Mr Dublin, not so clever Cyclops.

    And yet you're still the one that looks most stupid, trying to have one of your sly digs at @DevC and failing miserably by picking on the wrong person, not so clever @ChasHarps ...

    And have you now decreed that anyone who started supporting WWFC post 1991 is not qualified to comment on this forum?

  • I hope not...I didn't move to the area until 2000.

  • @ChasHarps Not trying to be clever; merely accurate. Ozzie actually mentioned Regis. More to the point - why do you need to turn this thread into a bickering session aimed at discrediting someone else?

  • Naked

  • I think that person pretty much discredited himself, when he chose to relive his creepy fantasies of ogling that lone female on this forum.
    Maybe we witnessing a new phenomenon on this site "honour amongst pervs"

  • Ex Wanderer Tom Heaton gets England call up. @ChasHarps in case you had forgotten, or overlooked it, that is the title of this discussion. Your latest offensive comments have nothing whatsoever to do with it.
    You seem obsessed with so called "pervs" and "creepy fantasies"; and attribute these qualities to other people. I wonder if your vitriol is, perhaps, intended to deflect a nagging suspicion in your "mind" about your own shortcomings. Or - maybe you could just make a relevant contribution to the debate.

  • Whilst this is now WAAAAAAY off topic. Do we have many female gasroom contributors? I have always been quite pleased how equally represented we are on the terraces etc (certainly compared to other clubs I have ventured to) and Lady TAGFC was a willing fan for many years. Just not sure how many venture onto the forum.

  • I sometimes wear a dress

  • @LX1 Didn't I see you at Hartlepool one time?

  • Haha is he still going strong?

  • Trantastic Mr @LX1 , We need all sorts on here, make sure you wear one that flows well below the knee if your in the West Country.

  • I won't be taking a train anywhere near Wembley on 24th April

  • Someone better warn Palace Fan Eddie Izzard to maybe wear something
    quite prudish. Failing that, once Stephen Crabb has cured all the homosexuals
    perhaps he can start treating the ogglers and pervs.

  • I understood the "go on to" bit, hence the "if Dublin counts" in ()

  • I always thought Tom Heaton was the best of the loan goalies we had during the period we seemed to gave one all the time (prior to Nikki Bull?)
    Pleased his career path has progressed well. He went looking for first team football and it's paying off. Good luck to him.

  • Agreed, Tom Heaton is the best keeper I've seen playing for Wycombe,

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