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Argyle at it again

After the disgraceful scenes of poor Alex Lynch receiving dogs abuse from the Neanderthals as he was being carried past them on a stretcher, yesterday they did exactly the same thing again to a Luton player.

Classy bunch.


  • I wonder if you vocally complained about luton players being abused by your peers around you during your 'Hornet days' in the 70's and 80's ?

  • Kinda depends on which Luton player I reckon. Some of them I'd love to see on stretchers.

  • Presumably you think our 'fans' chanting Jermaine Easter is a c**t are equally as classy?

  • @doob He doesn't actually go to matches so can't comment.

  • @Rolo said:
    doob He doesn't actually go to matches so can't comment.

    I've seen dissertations on here on our fans behaviour, team tactics and club management by people on here who don't make it to Adams Park

  • This was a perfectly reasonable thread. How it can so quickly turn in to a reason to have a bash at @devc is beyond me.

  • I mention no names

  • I wasn't really referring to you Mr Ital.

  • Some people seem to hate Dev because he has the gall to discuss matters at great length on a discussion board. The audacity!

  • FWIW, (not much) i don't see eye to eye on much with @DevC but this place would be much poorer without him.

  • Sadly there is one regular poster who has been posting the same witless abuse for years. He strikes me as a bit like an embarrassing uncle at weddings - he thinks people are laughing with him, for a short time they perhaps were, then they started laughing at him, now they just find him embarrassing and wish he would go away. Ho hum.

    Back to substance. A bit of abuse and banter at football matches creates the atmosphere. But it needs to be done with wit and there is a line. It is never OK IMHO to abuse an injured player being carried off on a stretcher, it is never OK to sing stupid songs about the Munich Air Crash or Hillsborough or for Plymouth supporters for example to sing songs about the death to cancer of an Ex-Exeter player. That is way over the line and speaks volumes about the utter stupidity of the singers themselves.

    Songs about the tragic incident that left two children dead and the Plymouth goalkeeper in jail and indeed "our 'fans' chanting Jermaine Easter is a c**t " are perhaps not quite as utterly pathetic and stupid but lets be honest not far behind.

  • @DevC Well I think you know there are far more than the one who shares those feelings about you. Just because they don't post about it on here.

  • And plenty that think DevC is a valuable contributor to the board.

  • LX1LX1
    edited March 2016

    Chas Harps probably 'goes away' more than you DevC

  • What does that have to do with the point that @Dev is trying to make?
    Supporters ought to get behind their team rather than indulging in offensive chanting in an attempt to provoke opposition spectators.
    When someone makes a perfectly valid point on a discussion forum then their comments should be considered on merit rather than dismissed merely upon the basis that some "share feelings" about the originator due to differences aired during discourses on earlier, or other, threads. If Dev does not travel to away matches all that often does that disqualify him from airing a view?

  • Everything is very Devon centric, never understood that. We don't get constant news stories from Dumfries or Kentish Town for example

  • @Cyclops , DevC doesnt travel to home or away games !! The only thing that travels within him is his pervy gaze up and down lone female travellers legs, so he informed us.

  • @ChasHarps said:
    Cyclops , DevC doesnt travel to home or away games !!

    But that is totally irrelevant. His views are that of a supporter with the best interests of the club at heart. He has the luxury of not having his views skewed by the somewhat turgid fare those who do see a lot of games enjoy/suffer but that doesn't make him unqualified to comment about the non-match day issues.

    In this particular case I disagree with his condemnation of Plymouth fans en masse as those I have met are a social and friendly bunch but like a lot of clubs have a proportion of idiots but it was a valid comment to generate discussion on a football theme on a football themed discussion forum

  • This thread has been somewhat derailed so lets follow it to its conclusion.

    Humour is essentially subjective, for everyone who laughs with Henning Wehn, someone must laugh at Al Murray, for everyone who laughs at Porridge, someone must laugh at Citizen Khan.

    So genuine question.

    Does anyone actually find Tattler's/Chas's posts in any way amusing. I find them repetitive limp and predictable. But others may legitimately laugh out loud. If so please say below. I have to say I am a little intrigued.

  • I find it a bit sad (not to mention boring) to be honest - if you want to witlessly abuse a contributor to the forum every time they post then you might as well f*ck off to the Facebook group. Not a post goes by on there without some bitching and sniping going on - all in the name of 'banter' of course.

    I'm sure there are plenty of posters on here who only get to the odd game every now and then, but are their contributions any less valid or important than others?

  • Anyone know what is going on in Devon at the moment, or about the poor spoiled students who get ferried to university and back every term. That's what Wycombe Wanderers supporters are really interested in!

  • Or about the betting industry where firms are taking 'at least 10%'? hahaha

  • Dissapointed a poll wasn't set up to be honest. Bit half hearted and needy isn't it.

    I'm not sure there is a good and evil on this debate to be honest but the rich tapestry of life shouldn't be left with a big hole in it.

  • Nice to have a wee peep through it now and again. "LOL"

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