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loanee query

On Tuesday night we started with 5 loan players in the line up, does anyone know what the most we have fielded is/was?


  • I believe (I may be wrong) you're only allowed to field 5 at one time based on FL regulations.

  • the last 2 were a masterstroke timing wise, but are they only for a month ?

  • Both were announced as being for one month, I believe, but presumably they could be extended by agreement with Brentford.

    Clifty04 is right, max of 5 on the teamsheet.

  • Thanks for the clarification.
    For me Nico could be the real find: no where near the Brentford first team so more likely to extend the loan / goes someway to replacing Josh / given Bean's poorish impact / not a glory player & has the Gaz work ethic / we even have a good song for him already!

  • Agree the mood music around the loans was that Sam was here fora month th get fit but Nico likely to be extended

  • Most unusual (I think) to give loan players aquad numbers within the eleven. Even Fred had to settle for 23. Wishful thinking perhaps. Here's to a couple of end of season extensions.

  • What are the new rules regarding the maximum number of loaness from one Football Club? as I thought it was going to be set at two? for this season due to Watford shenanigans with several loaness from abroad, which only counted as transfers was being addressed by the FA.

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