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Fullarton sacked by Notts County after 10 weeks in charge

Jesus wept.

Sure, he only won 3 out of 12 and was on a very bad run, but give the guy a proper chance!?

We are very lucky to have Ainsworth and Howard working together like they do.


  • With the way their season has been heading, Notts County are really lucky Dagenham and York are so bad this year.

    Notts County fans I work with here in the Midlands won't be sad to see Fullarton go - they didn't think he had what it takes - but I know they are also fed up of the frequency of managerial changes and general lack of stability.

  • Since County sacked McParland in 2009 they have had 15 managers (including caretakers). It would be great to have their financial resources to pay that sort of compensation, but hopefully we would be able to spend it more effectively.

  • Notts County might end up getting bit close to relegation for comfort.

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