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Amadi-Holloway scores hat-trick

Unfortunately one is an own goal


  • Yeah just saw this look forward to watching the highlight to see if they were any good.

  • Well his second (third) was a volley that may be a candidate for goal of the season. I sneakily had a gander on the Chairboys player and caught the commentary.

  • Sign him up......

  • Just seen brief highlights on sky. Both very good goals that show just what he is capable of. The header for the own goal wasn't him.
    But the same apathetic reaction to scoring, especially with the first. You'd think that as he'd just scored his first goal for a new team he'd be happy, excited, wanting to celebrate. But just the same trot away, shrugging off the attentions of his teammates. Most bizarre.

  • It seems to me he is not in love with football and just sees it as earning a crust. He is a striker after all and it seems strange to me that he appears to get no real enjoyment out of scoring.

  • @mooneyman said:
    It seems to me he is not in love with football and just sees it as earning a crust. He is a striker after all and it seems strange to me that he appears to get no real enjoyment out of scoring.

    you realy do have it in for him don't you. You no what the saying is if you got nothing nice to say.

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    @mooneyman said:
    It seems to me he is not in love with football and just sees it as earning a crust. He is a striker after all and it seems strange to me that he appears to get no real enjoyment out of scoring.

    What's up with you?

    He's smiling as he returns to his side of the pitch, the fact he don't do a cart wheel or salsa around the corner flag, doesn't mean he ain't over joyed.

    Plus MOTM to wash his sorrows as apparently AAH needs cheering up as they say he won't score, they said he is not match fit and now a selected few moan he don't celebrate.

  • I bet even you smile, albeit probably occasionally.

  • lol @mooneyman; give it up. Save you wrath for PNL. You never know if we make the playoffs AAH could be on our team bus. Stranger things can happen.

  • I don't think there's anything wrong with what @mooneyman said, it does appear that AAH just doesn't enjoy playing football.

    I as much as anyone hope that a reconciliation is somehow made (although I highly doubt it will happen now), and would be ecstatic if he found his way back into the fold, but surely you have to admit his response to scoring is unusual?

    He's making a fresh start with another team, scores a good goal to put them ahead and all he can do is turn around, try to shrug off his team mates and gob on the floor. No hint of a smile. Later he scores an absolute worldy to drag them back into the game and he only cracks a smile when a teammate whispers something in his ear.
    I guess there's nothing wrong with it per se, but it does stand out as slightly unusual when we all know as fans what passion and emotion football can stir within us.

  • Wholeheartedly agree @Fidget.

  • AAH has a def touch, hold up play, bring others into play, go beyond 70 mins, assists and can score goals in both leagues. We are questioning his celebrations and desire to be a professional football player. I heard he wanted to play (hence loaneed out) and not sit on the bench and pick up his wages (as if he wasn't bothered he'd be on our bench) you can't have it both ways.

    I hope he helps The Latics from their relegation fight and we make the playoffs and AAH is on our team bus, gets on and scores. Imagine this forum then.

  • Wholeheartedly agree @Ciderk1d. (There is no fundamental difference between you and @Fidget in terms of how you assess Aaron's exceptional footballing skills and potential value.)

  • Anyone even thought that he just doesn't no how to or is shy or not confident. no just assume he hates football and is missable unbelievable really he's young and still learning , and I'm sure he will become a great player. Really hope he comes back to us after his loan spell stronger and fitter.

  • I'm sure @scarlet that a lot of us think it's because he's just not the demonstrative type. It would be interesting to have his relative's view on that aspect.

  • At the end of the day, of course, we are simply second guessing the views of GA and his coaching colleagues which is pretty futile!

  • The idea that a player has to be judged by the enthusiasm displayed in a goal celebration is a new concept. Players will need not just a manager but a choreographer in tow as well.

  • Well it is an indicator of passion and commitment @wingnut and enough people of my acquaintance have commented on Aaron's, shall we say, languid approach to suggest that it be taken seriously.

  • It's an interesting one. Studies show that charismatic employees of average ability tend to get promoted ahead of exceptional employees who aren't so collegiate. I wonder if the same thing happens on the football pitch. In theory it should be the boots doing the talking but if a player gets starved of service because his team mates don't like him, what's the easiest solution? Clearly it's to drop the player who appears not to be pulling his weight on the pitch. I have no idea if that was the situation with AAH but, given GA puts so much emphasis on team building, a player who keeps himself to himself might well struggle to get opportunities no matter how talented they are.

  • Matt Le Tissier used to get a lot of stick for not looking like the most excitable man in the world too. Doesn't mean he wasn't a great striker.

    Reckon Gaz would have shipped him out on loan though.

  • Good goals indeed. He will go on to good things at a certain level and will have to be filed as one that got away. Shame but GA had no choice really. He showed nothing to justify a place and little application in his cameo roles to prove differently. We always knew he could do it but can't afford a squad with wishful thinkings.

  • Reckon you've put your finger on it @aloysius. Sadly, looks like another club will be the beneficiary.

  • he has scored 2 goals in what 8/9 games and all of sudden its a mistake to let him go, we have improved since he left and bad eggs in the camp are not something GA seems to stand for, look at the circus we had with Morgan and Spring etc we just don't need it and he wasn't doing anything here to justify a place when he should have been working like a dog as it was GA who picked him up off the scrapheap and brought him in on trial.

  • fair shout to be fair,he was always injured at previous clubs and Ainsworth was careful with him when he joined because of his terrible injury problems and saw something in him that made him sign on a short contract. I didn't hear of another manager who was willing to risk signing him at the time, if it wasn't for Wycombe he'd have been trying to find work in another career.

  • Another real shame is that he spent a vast amount of time injured with us initially. GA did state that the medical team would have their work cut out but when fit but had the potential worth the patience & investment. Now that has all been urinated out of the window in a few short months. Let's not kid ourselves, he isn't coming back.

  • if we are in the playoffs he could play a play as he is our player until his contract expires on 30th June.

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