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Ryan Allsop

Don't think I have heard a single word of praise or criticism of his performances on this forum.

On the face of it , doing pretty well, 6 conceded in nine games.

What is the view, would we take him as first choice net season if he was available.


  • He made at least two superb saves last night. After a shaky home debut he's come very very good.

  • An upgrade on Ingram IMO and would be very happy to have him for the long term. Doubt we would have a chance though

  • most definitely an upgrade on Ingram as he kicks better and organises better. shot shopping probably a similar level with Ingram maybe pipping it.

  • The more a goalkeeper goes unnoticed, the better he and his defence is. Ingram had to make incredible save after incredible save because he didn't own his area and organise the defence.

  • Doubt he'll be available next season but I'd take him like a shot. Makes good saves, and as Rich says, his kicking and communication with the defence are excellent.

  • The sheer quietness of the ground last night allowed me to really appreciate just how loud he is, organising the defence ahead of him and claiming balls that Ingram would perhaps have left to defenders.

    As a side note is it just me that hadn't realised just how niggly a player Hayes is? He was scuffling off the ball through the whole match last night, often with both arms around defenders when nowhere near the ball, purely to try and get a reaction. Not a complaint but I've never really noticed that side of his game. Great captain last night though, he was shouting encouragement at Gozie from the second he came on.

  • Third choice in Premiership probably out of reach on a permanent basis. Another loan would more likely be to a League 1 or Championship club. Keep faith in Alex!

  • PS. I was pleased to hear that Alex, along with PCH and Stephen Craig, was at the match last night.

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    And Danny Rowe too, I guess the whole squad are in the north west for a few days for the team building event (whatever it may be) that Ainsworth mentions in his post match interview.

  • Allsop has been very impressive, his kicking and comand of his area is a vast improvement from Ingram.
    It makes you think the 500k upfront we received from Ingram, was a very good deal indeed. Allsop just a year older and only Bournemouth's third choice seems a far better all round keeper, what would his value be ?

  • He gotta be worth around 500k to a mill would think with wages at 3 to 5 k a week plus bonuses i would guess

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    I very much doubt we got 500k for Ingram upfront, infant I would think if thats the case QPR are barmy !!

  • QPR have bottomless pits so I can see they would pay silly money for Ingram. After all, they were paying £70k a week for Joey Barton last season.

  • He is a good solid keeper who organises his defence well, has good distribution and can pull off a save or two. Defence looks more confident in front of him. Great signing for the run-in.

  • He is a totally safe pair of hands, in charge of his area/defence and doesn't get a nose bleed if he comes off his line unlike that other bloke who used to play for us.

  • Yes, whatever happened to him?

  • He is spending more time, sat down watching football at Loftus Rd than an ex WWFC chairman !!

  • Top keeper and simple a safe pair of hands, you never know, Bournmouth may just add a clause, if fit and available he plays. I wouldn't be surprised if his gaffer asks Allsop is happy to gain 1st team experience with us and if so, we can keep him a bit longer on loan, just depends if a bigger club are monitoring and look more attractive offer than us.

  • I'm not sure where this figure of £500K for Ingram comes from. According to this site it is £398K.

    Allsop looks good, but I can't imagine we will see him after the end of this season. We needed a keeper and he needed game time. It was good short term business for both.

  • Without disrespecting any of the really good keepers in L2, most of them are good enough. The average striker in L2 is rarely able to put the ball anywhere near where the keeper has to intervene. Apologies for the cynicism :-) and I'm sure it really isn't that bad, just seems like it sometimes.

  • Which is why they are plying their trade in the fourth tier! Good bit of business getting the Villa newbee. Gaz has faith in the current players to get the job done, bringng in a backup keeper before crisis time is a shrewd move

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