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  • What kind of fool would like to see their club relegated to the conference?

  • A Stevenage fan has a pop at us for cheating is hilarious!

  • Why Robin, we must have cheated to beat them!!

  • Didn't one of their players get booked for a diving in the box?

  • He did but the ref was an idiot all match and based on the rest of the game probably got it wrong.

  • Got to laugh at the comments made by WASP about the list of clubs who have or had dodgy finances and should go bust then he should look no further than his own club as didnt they nearly go bust themseives a few years ago and also about diving players and cheating managers, they had the biggest one in Westley. Does make you smile when they open their mouths and come out with such statments.

  • Does indeed. That was very much a Westley Legacy side.

  • I thought Stevenage were particularly bad at the dark arts of football. The diving was very obvious and the surrounding of the referee was very half hearted indeed. Hardly looked like they were bothered but had been told by the manager to try to match Wycombe.

    Stevenage were one of the worst sides I've seen at AP in recent years.

  • Stevenage were formed out of the bankruptcy of Stevenage Athletic, lest they forget.

  • Referee was truly appalling for both sides. At one point gave a very, very tight offside against us and then on another ocassion both Liburd and Hayes were clearly offside and he did not blow up! I think we were lucky the 'penalty' was not given to be honest, and I thought we would end up rueing some of the misses in the first half - but we were the best side and we won. With a great goal. The back four were excellent again and Allsopp organises things well at the back I think.

  • Harsh to blame the referee for offside decisions!

  • The linesman on the Woodlands side was just a spectator for much of the game. Rarely gave a throw in without the ref telling him which way. Did he win a competition?

  • I fully support all the comments regarding the linesmen (assistants) they were poor, appearing indecisive. This is all down to the Ref who has instructed them before the game, that he will make the decisions. I stopped assisting in large part due to this b0770cks. I always gave what I saw, comfortable in getting the odd decision wrong, but the more ambitious the ref the more they wanted to make every decision.

  • Sorry Chris, you are right. I meant Linesman...but the ref was appalling.

  • And according to one Boro fan a sizeable chunk of the teams in League Two are financially dodgy cheats...the ones that have beaten them I assume?

  • I admit I had a good chuckle at the comment from a Stevenage fan claiming we should be relegated for 'dodgy finances' and 'cheating'. Glazers in Hertfordshire must be busy patching up all those glasshouses!

  • @Fit2drop I think I follow what you are saying but how come one linesman (too old and cynical for this assistant ref rubbish) was flagging for fouls but the one on the Woodlands side didn't even flag for throw ins. Did the ref give different instructions to one lino to the other ??

  • Idiotic remarks from WASP (acronym for "What A Stupid Prick"?) make me feel proud to be a 6 star bellend.

  • RIM I would assume 1 linesman was slightly braver than the other and wanted to impose his opinion. He would have been scored lower by the ref and assessor after the game. Political points scoring in a bid to move up the pyramid.

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