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  • I thought McCarthy was superb yet again and I would have given him man of the match.

  • now that's just feckin' offensive advertising... as if there's ever going to be a discount to be had there...

    "Win FREE pizza with Vital Football!
    Select your team and get 50% off if they score twice.

    Read more:"

  • Nice one Len, always a good read (when we've won:).

    The forum has been rife with criticism of the team's service, not getting the ball into dangerous positons but today seemed to be a tale of missed chances. One moment of brilliance to break the deadlock but perhaps a realization of what we need now.

    The front line is probably banging them into an empty net in training, then getting out there on a Saturday arvo and putting off target when its easier to score.

    Thinking back to army days with exercises to make you react well under pressure; maybe the boys need to go to one of those mock training courses with barbed wire and explosions with a ball crossed in towards them as they come out the other end!

    Better than flogging anyway.

  • @PBo It's not a great promotion if you're a WWFC fan admittedly. Probably best to swallow your pride and pick Northampton if you want some discount pizzas before the end of the season.

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