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  • The score prediction says it all

  • A question for a gambling expert.

    Is it possible to make money by betting on both team winning 1-0?
    Is it still possible if you include the 0-0 draw?

  • Yes it is
    Current odds for 1-0 0-1 and 0-0 on the site I checked are 7.8, 9.4 and 8.8 respectively. Put £5 on each and they will return £39, £47 and £44 respectively. You would make a profit of £24 - £32 if one of those results came up. You would obviously lose £15 if a different result came up.

  • Alternatively you could just bet on fewer than 1.5 goals at 85/40 with Bet Victor

    The same £15 stake would return £31.88, regardless of the possible winning scoreline

  • Thought the spread bet might be the better option. This has to be a good bet doesn't it?
    I'm going big on this. None of your £15 nonsense.

  • Your call Righty.

    If you are looking to go big, you may want to get the best odds possible. Oddschecker is always your friend
    At the moment 32 Red or UNibet are slightly better than Victor.

    Of course you could well conclude that Gamblers fallacy applies's_fallacy

  • I always get the best odds from Big Ron down the pub. None of this internet nonsense. Just the little black book and a grumble when I win.

    Just wondering what to spend the winnings on first. If everything took a chance the clubs debt could be solved in one swoop. Maybe it's a good use of the share money. Instant returns.

  • Bit of a bugger if it turns out to be a goalfest though. And I think the FL might get a little upset if they discovered the Trust was betting on its subsidiaries match!

  • Just about sums it up at the moment if more than one goal in a game is considered a goalfest.

    Now looking at flights to somewhere warm to spend my first week as a monied man.

    Come on you Blues !!

  • You'll all lose your money......Wycombe will win 2-0

  • 3-0 Wycombe , Liburd hatrick

  • That spread bet that RITM is going to lay looks very promising as I predict the score to be a 1 goal to nil either way. Was going to bet Wycombe on a one nil win but again I'm going to agree with RITM.

  • It won't be 1-0 either way. The odds are stacked against that. The result will be a very pleasant surprise.

  • edited March 2016

    Runs are there to be broken, and usually happen when the proverbial bell-boy in the stock exchange lift puts a bet on it.
    For what it's worth, recently betting 'both teams not to score' on Wycombe away from home has been fairly reliable in accumulators. It will depend on whether we can get our passing game together - when we do we look far more dangerous than when the ball gets pumped long up the pitch at the first sign of pressure.
    Also, if you think the score will be 1-0, you may also want to stick a cheeky quid on 'no scorer' so you could potentially get a double win if the game is won with an own goal (or cover some of the bet if it's goalless).

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