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  • Is Jordon injured right now ?

  • Hasn't featured the last few games so I assume so

  • I see the Echo can challenge the BFP when it comes to photo captions!

  • Not injured but it seems currently "unable to make the bench".

    It's good to see him at a club like Liverpool that evidently aren't piling pressure on him too young and would prefer to take him out of the limelight and develop him further than wreck his confidence by playing an out of form player week in week out. Fans comparing him to John Barnes isn't exactly going to help!

    His time will come I'm sure.

  • I think our best chance to profit out of Jordan Ibe is almost to follow the same path as he is currently treading, plays well at times but at others fails to impress. in and out of Liverpool side. if that continues, I could see him being transferred to a smaller Premiership club (west Brom/Stoke, someone like that) in 2 or 3 years for a fee of around £10 million (given the fact he is English, always inflates the price). But obviously what we all want, both for our club and for Jordan himself is to secure a place in the Liverpool team. I think this summer is a key time for him to do that, and have a good season next year. He is more talented and has more ability than Raheem Sterling, without perhaps the lightning pace (although Jordan is quick as well), so he has the potential. hopefully he can realise this as he is still very young....

  • He's not actually 'one of LFC's own' he's one of our own.

  • 10 million for Jordan Ibe, football is mad not insane !!

  • Any thing is possible in this mad world, after all Connor Wickham went for £10m a few years ago!

  • These days we're seeing Championship players like James Chester & Tyrone Mings going for £8M, so I don't think £10M for Jordan Ibe from Liverpool would be unreasonable. Madness of course, but that's modern football.

  • I'd be very very surprised if Jordan went for anything less than 10M.

  • Where do you think he might go?

  • If he wanted to get back nearer home, Spurs might be a good fit. That would be a double whammy for me.

  • Connor Wickham is a proven goalscorer at Championship level and has proved he can score regularly in the Prem when given right service. Thats why he cost 10m

  • No idea where he will go, or indeed if he will go anywhere in the next 5 years, but if he does I suspect it will be for at least 10M.

  • What an absolutely pointless discussion.

  • Indeed.

  • Going nowhere.

  • Pointless.

  • And he's called Jordon, not Jordan.

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