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Coming up from the Conference...

Who do we want then?

I dislike Cheltenham just through memories of many really dire, dull games with them, so I can't really have any enthusiasm for their promotion bid. But Forest Green, who are their only serious competition for the auto-spot, are bankrolled by a sugardaddy and made a £2.9m loss last year alone, have big plans for a massive shiny new stadium, etc...sound familiar?

Personally would be happy to see Grimsby back in the league, it's been a while - up yours Sacha Baron Cohen.


  • Cheltenham and FG for me.

    The league seems to have moved eastwards in recent years with loss of Cheltenham, Torquay and this year possibly Plymouth and Bristol.

    With exception of Uni ferrying trips, getting harder to take in a reasonably convenient game these days.

    Cheltenham provides opportunity for a pleasant weekend away (game and overnight trip), Grimsby -err no.

  • Cheltenham is a decent away game for me (in Oxford), and I like the ethos at FGR - green energy, quality vegetarian food, micro brewery on site etc. so I'd be more than happy for both of those to come up (assuming we're staying put)

  • I actually quite like Forest Green too.

  • Cheltenham's a decent enough venue and not too far away. Forest Green is not a lot further so I'm quite pleased that the top spot seems certain to go to one or t'other. I'd like to see Lincoln City return to the FL soon but can't see it happening this time round.

  • Forest Green are sadly another bank rolled club like Fleetwood . Unsustainable in the long run. I wish all clubs had spending caps per league per division. Then we would really see the ability of managers and coaches. I'm with the Grimsby return. Been out for a bit now.

  • i do miss "The Cod Almighty" fanzine. That was always a good read.

  • Cheltenham and Grimsby for me too. Maybe Tranmere if they can make it.

    Went to Forest Green for the first time this season for a Conference game - all in all a bizarre experience. Hoped to get a pie but they outlaw meat so no chance of that. And if you want a tea it's soya milk. Fair enough some people will respect their principals but I found the whole thing a bit pretentious and unnecessary. Add to that the ground is a nightmare to get to/from (incredible scenery though) and I'd happily see them stay down...

  • I've found that vegetarian food except for crisps and chocolate bars is outlawed from most away grounds.

  • I do recommend a Greenhalghs cheese and onion pie if you're ever in the north west though. No meat necessary.

  • @Chris said:
    I've found that vegetarian food except for crisps and chocolate bars is outlawed from most away grounds.

    Dont forget chips Chris I bet Linda McCartney loved a chip butty

  • I'm all in favour of having veggie and other healthy options on the menu at football grounds. I might actually be in danger of buying something that way. That said, I'm not sure why it has to be either/or. I'd like to see FGR get promotion just as a change of scenery if nothing else. Cheltenham are a bit of a bogey team so they can stay where they are forever!

  • Not much of a bogey team last time we played them! (Hope memory serves on that one.)

  • Clubs miss out by limiting veggie food to crisps and chocolate.

    We used to do a rather fine veggie burger at AP but my family always eat before a game these days as my kids don't like greasy burgers and the missus and I don't eat meat.

  • Have to say, from my one visit to FGR, last season, the food is a few leagues above what you'd get at most grounds - a lot of thought seemed to have gone into it rather than just going for veggie burgers, chips etc. Very friendly, welcoming place too even if it is a sod to get to.

  • FGR for me, does the FFP play a part in the Conference leagues?

  • I like the idea of going somewhere with some decent veggie grub

  • But what's the beer like?

  • I quite liked the idea of forest green coming up until I read on here that it's a no meat zone, they can stay down in the non league forever now as far as I'm concerned.

    Cheltenham and Dover through the play offs for me please.

  • We couldn't compete financially with Forest Green though so I would prefer Cheltenham and Grimsby.

  • Indeed @micra - even Stephen Craig got on the scoresheet that day.

  • The time before last that is...

  • Unlikely but I'd like Grimsby & Braintree to come up

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