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Something I'd like to see banned from football

edited March 2016 in Football

Players/manager saying "we go again" after a defeat. Such a tired, empty cliché. Even more irritating than the over-use of the word `buzzin' by players on Twitter after a win.



  • That was a Paul Lambert favourite, his equivalent of Scotch John's "och we were so unlucky" to be wheeled out after every result that didn't go our way.

  • I'd ban post match interviews totally. They add nothing to the game or the post match debate.
    Stopping anyone from Wycome talking about our small squad or lack of subs would certainly help my blood pressure. Did anyone else see the weekend stat that we had used more players this season than both Plymouth and Oxford?

  • Or only allow post-match interviews with managers if they agree to have a truth serum injected beforehand.

  • Waddock's "This group", "Our Group", "In the group" cliche's made it sound like an episode of Top of the Pops circa 1978.
    Mind you with Mr Ainsworth's continual poverty spouting crusade, I'm half expecting the team to run out in a mixture of different coloured shorts, the keeper wearing a tracksuit top and a couple of players wearing cheap trainers.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle you do know you don't have to read/listen to them don't you?

  • I agree with every comment so far Fed up with managers stupid comments also using too many player changes does not help a playing unit, as for poverty stricken ainsworth hassent sent them out in sackcioth yet!!.

  • Has sent or hasn't sent? Sorry, being stupid again.

  • Forgot the "!!"

  • Sod it messed up my English exam again!!!!!!!!!. Let's get back to the topic

  • I thought this thread was going to be about the Man Bun™

  • @drcongo said:
    I thought this thread was going to be about the Man Bun™

    Definitely should be banned and any player entering the field of play with one should be cautioned and not allowed to return until it has been shaved off. Bald as a chimp's arse should be the preferred tonsorial state. Failing that a neat side parting or crew cut. No hair to touch the collar and no gel, pomade or hipster beard to be permitted.

  • Is Paul Hayes's beard a hipster beard? I quite like it.

  • Multi coloured football boots . Refs should be given a tin of matt black spray paint to apply to offending footwear.

  • Oh I disagree with you there Morris. I like the bright boots because it helps me tell the difference between various opposition players. I'm pretty much face-blind and can barely recognise my own kids from 20 yards, so every little helps.

  • Oh, I don't know. I think Morris has a point. But why stop at just black boots? Why not bring back those "proper" boots that came up to mid -shin. And, while we're at it, bring back leather footballs, with laces that split you head open. Bloody namby pamby players - don't know they're born most of them.

  • I often wonder if we played the tactics they used in the fifties like the pyramid with inside forwards and proper wingers how would we get on oh and imagine if we were wearing ankle boots just the clatter as we walked down the tunnel would be enough to put the wind up most teams.

  • Leather ball too. That would cut down on the head tennis.

  • @Chris said:
    Is Paul Hayes's beard a hipster beard? I quite like it.

    It may be. Surely no coincidence that growing it has limited his goal tally. It's a 'reverse Samson' effect.

  • I long for the days of not knowing how much injury time is being played. Made the end of the game much more interesting.

    I also miss second, third & fourth replays, muddy pitches and footballers who think showing pain is a sign of weakness.

  • Football died the day they outlawed the kidney punch.

  • Undershirt body stockings, if your arms are cold where long sleeved shirts.

  • I'd ban keepers on the subs bench

    Not many better things in football than an outfield player in a keeper's jersey way to big for him in goal


    music being played after goals
    enthusiastic PA announcers (show some bloody decorum)
    Pre match huddles (get on with the bloody game)
    I'd make all dissent a red card offence. Would be carnage for a week or two but they'd soon learn. It's gone past tipping point now

  • Long-sleeved shirts? Pah and tish!

  • edited March 2016

    I'd ban fans moaning about change :)

  • Danny hylton

  • Ban extra time 90 mins is 90 mins that might stop them falling over so often.

  • I'd crack down on the wrestling match in the box at every corner.

    Give a crystal clear warning at the start of the season and then actually enforce it by awarding penalties for holding until they get the message.

  • Ban pundits on MOTD,more time is spent on them discussing what we just saw for ourselves than the actual football.

  • The ridiculous over-analysis of football in general - MOTD has become tedious beyond belief with all the pseudo-scientific analysis of goals, player movement etc. Just because you've got some fancy technology doesn't mean you have to use it to suck all the joy out of the game.

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