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Match day thread: Newport


  • Afternoon all.

    Commentary of today's game at Newport County will be live on BBC Three Counties DAB and on Chairboys Player.

    Today I'll be joined by Andy Wilkins


  • Dean Morgan on the bench for Newport,could be fun later in the game!!

  • Decent looking side that, and a full bench too!

  • Perfect line up imo, looking forward to seeing what Liburd can do! C'mon boys!

  • Just came in to post the same thing @fredk3

  • We are terrible, our season is going to petter out. I suppose that's what the club want. 61 points I'd the dream from the club #lackambition

  • 1-0 down at half time, probably means game over.

  • Q the boo boys. What do we need to get back into it? Are passes going astray, are we relying on long ball... Sounds like the pitch is a nightmare but keep the faith!


  • Same for both sides, so no other plan other than plan "A"?

  • Sounds like a fairly significant change of plan to me!

  • first game missed in 3 years and doesn't sound like I missed much !

  • Pathetic, last time that I word....Boring. Had enough. I know we are close to playoffs but that's because the league Is so poor rather than us being good.

  • Funny RMJ, I'm sure Ritchie claimed a 3 year record without missing a game too. Wonder if he went today...

  • On a more serious note though, it does seem that if we don't get the first goal we're absolutely done for.

    And we're too built for scuffling, seeing out time, doing the dirty work only if we have something to cling onto.

    Bit worrying really. 3 away losses in a row too, after such an amazing record these last two seasons.

  • I thought it sounded pretty good on the commentary.

  • I didnt make it to the game, but what was the problem, can't help but get the feeling its a luck of cutting edge in midfield. No Saunders type in there. Any thoughts?

  • Sounds like Liburd had a decent debut even if the overall performance didn't set the world alight

  • Sounded like one-way traffic for much of the second half. Early substitution, change of formation and a striker very unlucky not to score the day after signing. That's three positives in answer to recent criticisms of GA's management.
    I do read and comment on posts on the Fans' Facebook page but there are times - today being one of them - when I despair of the negativity. Balance and nuance seem to be largely confined to this forum where people are generally constructive in their criticism.

  • Commentary didn't sound like we did too bad and did mix things up a bit going to 4-3-3 to try and get something. Lack of goals is getting a bit worrying. Gotta get more creativity in midfield.

  • Its interesting to see the difference between the commentary and the live game.

    Wycombe had (or at least seemed to have) a lot of possession but didn't really do a lot with it. There was a distinct lack of movement up front with the majority of the success coming from the ball being played up to Liburd's feet and creating from there. (He made a very reasonable debut). Far too much time was spent slow wide play with a contested cross either being cleared near post or the ball going long. Opportunities to shoot were not taken so once we were in the meat of the second half, the Newport defenders were able to step off and get back into position.

    Yet it is really hard to get away from the idea that a combination of a little confidence, some much needed diversity and some luck would open the attacking options right up. There were several scrambles in the box where a confident player would have stabbed it at goal but our lads were trying to bring the ball down which was not quite right with the masses of bodies around them.

  • Thanks, insomniacs! Interesting and revealing perspective @FallenFlyer.

  • I have to agree with @FallenFlyer, seeing the game live we were poor. First half punting the ball long, so ok we now have a big lad upfront but lets play football. Second half bit brighter, game was really poor as the ref was blowing up every 10 seconds. Plenty of scrabbling but very poor.

    Interestingly enough the few times we played to feet we almost scored but then back to hoof.

    Took a neutral to both cambridge and newport, their perspective was good support but awful football, lack of cohesion and wouldnt pay to watch again.

  • Ainsworth continues to get great experience here. He's had almost the lowest low, losing every week, almost going non league, and he's had almost the opposite, getting a great team together, hardly any injuries until the very end, and barely losing any games.

    This season is perhaps a real dose of reality, this is what league 2 is about. The team is a bit weaker than the glorious side of last year, and the margins are so small you can easily lose a string of games back to back.
    Key is taking any lessons that need taking, and then forgetting the loss, and starting again for the next game.

    12 games to go, a couple of wins and you're right back in the massive gaggle of clubs looking at 4th to 7th.

    Maybe steaming into the playoffs on a great late run of form could be a more successful way than basically bottling automatic and dropping in very late,

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