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Adam Johnson trial discussion closed. Why?

For once a discussion was creating more light than heat. I haven't seen any reason put out (if I have missed it then I apologise) and can only assume the Puritans are back in charge. Can we have an explanation?


  • My guess would be that discussing a live court case on a public forum creates a slightly dodgy ground for the forum admin. Highly unlikely to cause any real problem but why take that small risk when all this discussion can be much easier after the case is decided.

    Personally I don't think it or him are worthy of the discussion so far. I find it sad it is news.

  • I have no control over the running of this board but pretty much every comment on the subject was in contempt of court. Not that anyone in court would read this. But that is why.

  • I think that answers the question.

  • The last post in that thread explains exactly why it was closed. It wasn't exactly hard to find out. But thanks for the "puritans" dig all the same.

This discussion has been closed.