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Ex-player news

Charles Dunne to Crawley for a month loan



  • How bizarre I was on only wondering about his career today. Good signing for them if he's as good as when he was with us.

  • Charles got Dunne again! As he often referred to in Blackpool! Needless to say not a great success.

  • Inevitably means he will see red in his next game.

  • Charles Dunne looked a great prospect in his first season, but his performances for us towards the end of his Wanderers career were far from impressive.
    The whole scenario regarding his move to Blackpool was lets say 'far from straight forward'.
    I know a Blackpool season ticket holder, who also referred to the 'Charles got Dunne again' nickname and was not too complimentary about his performances in a tangerine shirt.
    Somewhere along the way, Charles seemed to lose his focus,and you have to have feel touch of sympathy if he was just a 'pawn' in the Matt Phillips transfer shenanigans, and maybe not allowed to develop with the right club at the right pace.

  • @floyd What I don't get with Hogans mentality, is that the article refers to him not wanting to play for us a he wasn't guaranteed regular 1st team football. Fair enough, but then admits he hasn't signed for anyone else? Surely some 1st team football is better than NONE? Strange viewpoint unless I'm missing something of course.

  • He's a rich(ish) lazy sod? (Actually I quite liked him when he was with us so I won't do him down)

  • @EwanHoosaami I don't understand it either, but professional football is a job like any other. I guess a lot of us would choose not to work if we could afford it.

  • Suppose so, but football is slightly different. Most professional players, (like the majority of us), love the game. Playing it for a living is a dream. Hogans money will run out far sooner than his pension arrives, so why not make the most of what half the male population can only dream of doing. Many an ex pro have said, "you're a long time not playing". To me, he is going to regret his current choices in the future?

  • Real waste of talent. What is he, 27/28ish territory? Way too young to purposely have wasted a season.
    But then he hasn't played an awful lot of games in his career, so maybe it's not that important.

  • Footballers usually say how much they miss the dressing room, the friendships, the banter if you wish. Not many say that they miss the 90 minutes on a Saturday. It seems like Hogan doesn't feel that way so is happy at home watching UFC and playing FIFA.

    There have been footballers down the years who have all the talent but no love of the game. He clearly falls into this category otherwise he would be playing for anyone for free as opposed to waiting for that big chance.

    Just hope he is happy and has no regrets when he is old enough to reflect.

  • Bit odd that he thought he wouldn't get many games. He'd walk into our side, surely?

  • He couldn't hoof the ball far enough for us Eric!

  • Interesting that he and The Doc both have the same attitude and both played at QPR.

  • for one min Floyd I thought you were meaning big defender Doc, who surely couldn't have been more different in attitude!

  • I don't think they're the same anyway. The Doc famously hated football, whereas Hogan never stops tweeting about it and for a podcast with Marcus Bean.

    Interestingly, the Wycombe players are always taking the piss of Sam Wood because he's not a football fan

  • Doc was sensational, i remember him doing the half time draw once and essentially refusing to answer any of Hutch's questions. He had some wanderers world interviews like that as well.

  • My favourite ever player probably

    Him or Steve Thompson

  • Can see the Steve Thompson thing, quality flair player. But a square holding player with a horrible temper and next to no loyalty? Don't get it.

  • @Malone Totally agree with you there. Tommy Doherty, perhaps the most overrated player to ever wear the quarters, and a surly, ill-tempered character who upped and left in the middle of a relegation fight.

  • Most underrated you say?

  • Main memory of him is when we were beating Brentford away, and he stupidly got himself sent off, ruining it for us.

    Doubt he cared.

  • If you didn't enjoy watching The Doc, i'm not sure i know why you're interested in football.

  • Agreed Mr Floyd, watching the Doc turn in a miniscule circle and completley change direction of the play, was a beauty to behold. Along with his effortless one touch passing, it was like watching our own lower league 'Andrea Pirlo' albeit a very stroppy one at times.

  • Precisely.

    And during that particular era was about the only thing worth going along for

    A class above

  • Quiet lad off the pitch, apparently.

  • My main memory of Doherty was the dreadful square pass he played at Stamford Bridge, setting Shevchenko clear through to score.

  • Problem with Tommy was he was a great player when he was in the mood. And we all went with high hopes of seeing him in the mood. Quite often he wasn't in the mood.

  • @floyd how about for tricky wing play, dominant commited centre backs, classy full backs and most of all those epic goalscorers.

    Holding mid? Least favourite type of player.

  • I refer you to @ChasHarps answer above...

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