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The Opposition View

What Micky Adams and a selection of Rovers' fans had to say about yesterday's game...


  • Some praise but rather barbed none the less. Is it fair?

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  • Last season was a massive blow to Gaz and I think he has something to prove not only to the world in general, but the Wycombe fans who, let's face it, largely wanted him out last season. This season, his signings, loan signings and the use of the medical team has pushed a small squad to the top of the table, but we all know he will be getting stick if we don't get promotion and even if we do, it will not be long before 'Ainsworth has no idea how to keep us in League One'. That's footy innit. I've been very impressed this season with how we've bounced back from losses and even when we have lost, the application of the team could not be questioned. Whereas, last season...

  • I've gone from thinking Ainsworth was tactically naive, fairly inept and out of his depth last season, to thinking he is one of the most shrewd and intelligent managers in the lower leagues.

    Perhaps he was all those things last season, and the learning curve was steep and quick. Or maybe I was wrong all along and he just needed time to nail down his own way of doing things at the club.

  • @BillStickers
    Curse of the modern day cult of the football manager. If a team are losing manager is crap, if the team are winning manager is a genius. Actually i think an awful lot is down to luck, e.g. do new signings settle and gel together and then getting on a good or bad run. For example, had Rowe or Doherty been available for Newport in August, probably wouldnt have brought Mawson in, yet he has been a key part of the defence. Similarly if millwall had not wanted PCH, probably wouldnt have brought Fred in, yet in second half of season Fred's goals have made the difference. Great managment or luck or maybe a bit of both?

    As it happens I think Ainsworth is a good manager inspiring a good team work ethic in his teams. Still inevitably has some things to learn, but one of the better ones. If we get promoted this season, he will be hailed as a virtual god. Next season in either division, if we lose a few and find ourselves in a relegation battle he will again be tactically naive, have lost the dressing room, etc etc. Its pretty much the same at all clubs.

  • I'm afraid thats us fickle football supporters for you. I must admit that I had my doubts about the manager last year even though I wanted him to do well. I think this season has shown that he does have the motavational ability to get players playing out of their skin for the cause and achieving more as a unit than individually they could do. The last person we had that seemed, to me, to get that sort of reaction was a certain Mr O'Neill. Whilst I would not yet put Gaz in the same league as Martin I feel that we could get back to close to that.

    Hopefully, and what a turnaround that would be, we can get promotion and lets enjoy it knowing that we are a small team punching above our weight. All I've ever wanted to see following Wycombe is a team putting everything on the line, giving 100% and playing neat football, where possible. What I hate is seeing players who don't appear to give a stuff and just along for the ride. It might be a job for you, but you carry my dreams and hopes that one day the team I have supported man and boy will be coming up against the best in the country. I know its a long shot but football is all about those special dreams that one day it might just be us..........

  • As well as motivational abilities, we should also applaud his signings and loan signings. Players none of us had heard of who have performed, on the whole, admirably.
    (I know Murph has been subdued lately but he started off well as did Bean)

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