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Choose your Wanderers keeper of the decade!

There is a vote on wycombe website to vote for our goal keeper of the last decade, the choices are as follows:

Frank Talia

Ricardo Batista

Jamie Young

Nikki Bull

Matt Ingram (who is in the lead on 61% at the time of me posting this)

Go to this page to vote, Link:


  • If we can vote for Batista, why not Fielding?

    I'd say Heaton was the best keeper, but he only played half a season.
  • Surprised it's not higher than 61%!
  • @Chris I was also surprised that Fielding was missing.
  • where is shearer? better than all of the others bar ingram and bull
  • Heaton was a class above these.
  • And what about Jordan Archer?
  • This may not be a popular view but this poll should actually be a lot closer than the current result in my opinion.

    Ingram has huge potential, but is still far from the unfinished article and will have to continue developing and improving his decision-making (leaving his line and coming from crosses) and also his kicking, which has on occasion been wayward. Some of his shot stopping this season however has been superb.

    By the time he leaves WWFC Ingram may well be worthy of winning this kind of poll, but not for me at the present time.

    The reason for this is I still remember the role Nikki Bull played in the 2010/11 promotion under Waddock, and also it's worth remembering he played behind a defence including the likes of Danny Foster, Andy Sandell and Dave Winfield among others in the promotion season. I will never forget that penalty save against Crewe! Some of his close range shot stopping was genuinely breathtaking.

    Ingram has always been fairly steady, but he conceded a lot more goals last season and has been screened superbly by the unchanged back 4 of Sido, Alfie, Aaron and JJ for the whole campaign so far. Matt has more than played his part, but the defence as a unit is so much improved this season.

    Obviously if you go back a further decade Martin Taylor comes into the reckoning and probably wins it, and from what I've heard if you pull it back further still Paul Hyde would come close.
  • I was lucky enough to see both Hyde and Taylor and Martin Taylor was the best keeper out of the two. Martin, for me, remains the best keeper I have seen in goal for Wycombe since I started going in 1990.
  • Granville in his prime was pretty impressive. Hydie's command of the area and brutish presence is sadly from a bygone era .... He was hands down my favourite keeper. As for this poll - it's Bully really for me. Still wonder how he fell so out of love with the game - sad end to his WWFC career.
  • @DJWYC14, @bluesibce1990 For me also Taylor would be my all time keeper, i only started watching Wycombe in 99 so can make no comment on Hyde. However i think the real question in relation to the poll is why the hell is Barry Richardson not on this list ;)
  • Martin Taylor - for buying me a pint when i stumbled into the players bar (became Scores), thinking it was just a fans bar, with all the players in it after a midweek game in 2000. Absolute top man, only surpassed by ALL TIME HERO Russell Martin.
  • @DJWYC14 You've summed up my feelings exactly. Ingram has all the attributes to be a top quality 'keeper but Nikki Bull was simply superb in his prime. Had he stayed another couple of seasons he would have genuinely challenged both Taylor and Hyde.
  • It's certainly an odd shortlist. I would certainly have picked Fielding & Heaton over Batista, and Heaton would have been my pick for the best of the lot. But of those 5 it comes down to a tough call between Bull & Ingram.

    Bull was undoubtedly a brilliant keeper in his spell for us but seemed to have a peculiar weakness with letting in long-range shots. Ingram is just getting better and better, but as @DJWYC14 says, he really does need to work on his decision making on crosses and when to come out/stay on his line. There have been quite a few occasions where you can see him change his mind after starting to come out, or coming off his line too late. But hopefully that will come with experience and good coaching. And it does seem a bit nitpicky considering the number of clean sheets we've had this season - and I seem to remember an impressive stat regarding the number of corners we've faced since last conceding from one. Anyone else see that in the last week or so?

    Given that, I'll probably plump for Bull, but if this poll was at the end of the season and Ingram has maintained his current performance levels then it would be him instead.
  • Bull was great, but he tarnished his reputation at the end and came across as a bit of a nut case. Whether that should affect a poll on how good he was on the pitch is questionable, but I suspected it has.

    I thought Taylor was still here 10 years ago, which would have been a no-brainer. How time flies!
  • A discussion about great Wycombe keepers past and present but no mention yet of Cheesewright or Parkin?! DOFL...!
  • In the 22 years I have been going Martin Taylor, definitely would be top of the pile, Bull just ahead of Ingram, as the older head makes a difference. Matt though for one so young is an exceptional talent. He has taken criticise in the past for collecting his collection of crosses and corners, but you can actually see an improvement on this from the start of the season, he will only get better with experience.

  • Re Martin Taylor - the OP was asking about the "past decade". :)

  • Trying to work out the worst out of Cheesey & Parky would try the most brilliant of minds

  • Hall of fame (Please take note @chairboysfamily) No particular order 1, John Maskell - Ever reliant tremendous servant the first one I ever saw. nearly 700 games in a long long career. 2, Gary Lester - Close on 500 games for Wycombe between 79-88, Immense in 85/86 very popular. 3, John Granville - Superb and very sure. Played more games for us than anyone else (120) 4, Paul Hyde - Legend and very capable was the perfect fit in O'Neil's almighty non league conquerors 248 games. 5, Martin Taylor - The best Keeper I have ever seen in a Wycombe Shirt, Totally commanding in his area, If John Gregory did anything that we remember it was getting this man on board 234 game sin 6 years. 6, Tom Heaton - Great astute loan signing despite only playing 16 times for us it was obvious he would go on to a good career. That for me leaves 7, Matt Ingram - One of Our own. Its in his hands to be the best of all these, he can be and shows signs and will only improve with age.

    That's my only 7. I wasn't a fan of Bull really and I think he dropped us in it anyway.

  • John Maskell was immense for us at Middlesboro and kept us in it until the final minute, just how close was he to saving that as well? โ€ฆ

  • Why is Jordan Archer not included? Ingram is the best keeper since Martin Taylor. I can't see us ever getting a better keeper than Taylor.

  • Slightly disappointed that no-one has mentioned Graham Bressington until now...

  • @Ned_Ludd said:
    Slightly disappointed that no-one has mentioned Graham Bressington until now...

    Old Kid Courage as the Midweek called him once, Yes I remember him in that bizarre game at Farnborough when he played the whole match in goal, Lester got injured or before the game and we had no back up keeper. Amazing 1-1 wasn't it?

  • Better than that, he kept a clean sheet in a 0-0. Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of that game.

  • @Ned_Ludd said:
    Better than that, he kept a clean sheet in a 0-0. Tomorrow is the 28th anniversary of that game.

    That just makes me feel even old, I prefer thinking about the 1986/87 in happiness, it was an amazing season. It's also 25 years tomorrow that Martin O'Neil came into our lives.

  • Martin T for me every time, although out of the above list I did quite like Jenny.....

  • @Ozzie_the_Relaxed said:
    Martin T for me every time, although out of the above list I did quite like Jenny.....

    TBH Jenny's nickname was the best thing about him. Taylor for me, no question.

  • I must live in a bubble. Took me a few minutes to work out whose nickname was Jenny! My pronunciation of Frank's surname didn't help. I guess it must rhyme with paraphernalia! He was a bit of a "case" too. I seem to remember him being out of action for a while after removing part or all of a toe with his lawnmower.
    I still recall the joy of seeing Martin Taylor's first games for us and realising that he was the best since John Maskell and (sorry John) probably more complete. Not as tall as some either.

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