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The Opposition View - Bristol Rovers



  • These bristol rovers inbred have no clue. You think you are bigger than whst you are. A team like us with s tiny budget and missing our best 2 players turned you over...just a very sad set of people who are also second best in Bristol... Viva bristol City!!!

  • lets be honest the ref was weak as pi** he should have sent off McCrystal for a 2nd yellow at the very least and yes the push on Bodin probably was a pen but he knows he made a mistake so evened it up.

  • Dirty cheating Wycombe - check. Terrible ref - check. Should be beating tinpot clubs like this - check. Just makes those three points so much sweeter. Saying our stewards are confrontational though - the same stewards who gain praise for their friendly attitude by virtually every other bunch of fans. Maybe if you didn't rip seats up and try and invade the pitch whenever you scored, you'd be treated a little better.

  • I agree with SteveK, I'd definitely be pleased to meet them in the playoffs.

  • Apparently when they heard a Jordanian was buying the club Katie Price was inundated with calls from rovers fans.

  • Reading these always makes me laugh ' we are so much better than them etc etc' clearly not rovers as you are below us in the league. You are thesecond team in Bristol!!!

  • Ive seen all 3 game against them this season and there manager fuck*d up trying to play a system to contain where as if they had played how they did at home in the league they would have beat us easy, and if we had Taylor we would be Top 3 without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Love the accusations of hoofball. If there was a team playing that it was Rovers. I think their fans had a preconceived notion and regardless of the facts, wouldn't see anything else. I was pleasantly surprised by the way we tried to play the ball to feet right through the pitch. I believe that's what fooled their whole approach to the game. I genuinely thought we deserved the win for trying to play the game the right way for a change. Long may it continue.

  • From behind the goal McGinn was magnificent in the first half. Second half he was crowded out. Overall both teams went for the win. WW played much less hoof ball than of late. The ref was weak, but not biased, McCrystal could have seen red, JJ could have given a penalty. I love watching Luke play, the smile is fantastic. good header for the goal. A highlight for me "we know what we are" at 94 minutes when the ball didnt come back. I was sure the Gas would see the funny side. I hope the rumoured fracas at the away end was exaggerated, I would much rather be playing teams like Bristol, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Oxford & Luton over Morecambe, Accrington & Newport. The atmosphere is so much more enjoyable, fingers crossed it will be in League 1 next season.

  • "If you speak to a lot of managers Wycombe have a certain style of playing and you have to be able to stand up to that. That is why I picked a team to match them"

    Well Mr Clarke, if you'd done your job properly and actually scouted us recently you'd be aware that we've changed our 'style' of late - so in picking a team to 'match' the old us you thoroughly f*cked it up you daft [email protected] Thanks for the 3 points.

  • What a nasty little bunch they are. From what I could tell the team that tried to play football was the Blues. That said I do agree with Fit2Drop. I like playing the likes of Rovers much more than some team from the north west that bring 150 fans.

  • 150 fans on a good day! Totally agree but dread to think what policing cost us on Saturday. I'd like to think that at least a share of it is paid for by the club making it necessary in the first place but I have my doubts.
    Bristol Rovers new owner could afford to pay for the cost of running TVP for several/many years but, no, Saturday's bill will no doubt have to be paid, in effect, by well-behaved Wycombe fans.
    But what riled me just as much were the comments about our stewards. Stewards who regularly receive the plaudits of away fans.
    But what a great performance and result. COYB.

  • I've nearly always found that if you are decent with other people they tend to be decent back. I think the steward comments from scummy Bristol Rovers fans are far more of a reflection on their behaviour than that of the said stewards.
    Having had a year out from playing them I always thought I still hated their supporters. Saturday reminded me how much.
    Once more away fans made it in to the lofty perch I watch the games from. Once more the stewards were not that fussed. Just goes to show what was happening in the away end.

  • That was a good game of football from (Dare I say it) both sides and we played well enough to win and the right result was the right result. McGinn and O'Nien were very good, but I am still not entirely happy that one of our best attacking players was playing at right back and spending most of the game in acres of space calling for the ball...but three points is three points! Good job GA!

  • I agree @Wendoverman . Harriman and Jacobson are our two best attacking outlets and we should be able to set a side up to allow both to get forward to get crosses in to the box. I did fear for us when I saw four central midfielders in the side but it did work out ok on the day.
    I didn't think Bristol Rovers were that good though. Not until they bought Taylor on in any case.

  • @StrongestTeam Or at the one before that ripping out seats.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Five central midfielders if you count Kretzch. I had the same fears!

  • Just spotted this. Never in doubt really was it?

  • I thought Max had a great game, taking a lot of abuse and causing them problems. If he gets a run in the team and a couple of goals it might lighten the load of Hayes and Thommo in the abscence of PCH.

  • I do not understand how our so called 'time-wasting' or cheating...actually stops other teams scoring goals and winning over 90 minutes. Plymouth had 87 minutes for gawd's sake. Rovers had three players booked didn;t they...and even one of their posters admits they almost had a sending off! (I think Lawrence was lucky to stay on the pitch as well!)

  • I agree Lawrence and the centre back in particular were lucky to stay on the pitch. The Bristol keeper was actually slower than ours taking kicks and for all the talk of a nailed on Rovers penalty I think Hayes being man handled in the box on two occasions were stone wall penalties. All teams now cheat, the refs are too weak to manage it and we are very good at it.

  • Not sure why we persist with :':The Opposition View' .It merely provokes vitriolic responses from their supporters and excuses from the manager. My point has been proved with the latest game when we played our best football of the season and still were given no credit for it.

  • @Hughie I don't think it's our articles that "provoke vitriolic responses" from opposition supporters and excuses from the manager.

  • I enjoy the the opposition view

  • I love reading the opposition view, always gives me a smile.

  • Likewise. Reading anything on the internet written by complete cockwombles makes you feel better about yourself :-)

  • edited February 2016

    I honestly believe that as Wycombe fans, we are the least myopic of them all. If we play shite, that's how we scribe it. There are always some mitigating circumstances, a balls or two of a decision by the officials, but on the whole we are an honest bunch. I think that's why we like Gareth Ainsworth, generally he gives an honest assessment of his and the team's performance.
    The opposition view at times is almost hysterical. The often repeated statement, "we should be beating that tin pot little club" is the one that gets my chest out and resolve strengthened to continue to support the club. I absolutely love beating these "great big clubs", with their toilets for a ground, (Luton, Bristol Rovers, etc), but large following. The comments the following day are great. Every one to blame but them, squirming like maggots for every excuse. Rarely are we given any credit. Sometimes Ainsworth gets kudos from the opposition manager, but usually with a backhanded compliment of "well they play a certain way that puts you under pressure". Aka, they play hoofball and feed off the scraps. Well it certainly wasn't the case on Saturday.
    Anyway, I'm still enjoying the moment and love supporting our tin pot club with far superior match day facilities and if it can't be us that gets success this season, I really hope it's Accy Stanley.

  • I like the opposition view too. It's funny reading the views of the deluded.

  • Certainly makes me smile and I love it when the rare balanced comment shows up the deluded majority for what they are.

  • I'm a big fan of the opposition view too, nicely curated. The one after the first Villa game was brilliant.

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