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Great interview with Gaz: Hungry for promotion, come to us!


  • where was promotion mentioned ?

  • "52 points means I know we're a League 2 team next year, 61 points is for the chairman, everything else is for the fans" From the Player post match interview, sounds like a 'We're going to try but we're not allowed to say we're going to try' quote.

  • "We've only got three subs on Tuesday" - sounds like Bean might be out for a while and Pierre's injury must be pretty serious too. Yet no indication we'll be sending PCH back to Millwall and using that money elsewhere. Which suggests we might be expecting to keep PCH more permanently - good for the long-term but a bit worrying for the rest of the season.

    Thompson will also be back on Tues but I'm hoping he's one for the bench. I don't think it's a coincidence that our better form has coincided with his suspension. It necessitated a change in formation from 4-4-2 to 4-1-3-1-1 with McGinn sitting deep and Hayes behind a pacey front man. Finally we're playing more to the squad's strengths. Even with the paucity of options I hope it's Kretch that gets a extended stay in the side, alongside either Hayes or Thompson, rather than reverting back to the two older men up front together.

  • i don't know what made Wanderers change their style of play and tactics ,but they were a joy to watch - on the ground football,not hoof ball as before. All credit to them and long may it continue,win or lose.

  • Indications that PCH may be destined to stay give rise to mixed feelings. He does seem to be most unfortunate when it comes to injuries. (Not confirmed but I heard that the latest one was incurred in training.). I'm one of his biggest fans so was bitterly disappointed to hear that he is out for the season.

    But that aside, yesterday was wonderful from so many points of view - the result, the style, the excellent playing surface, the great atmosphere etc. The formation worked like a dream - GA described it (I think) as a 4 line formation so I suppose 4-1-3-2 . Certainly Paul Hayes played further forward and more centrally than usual and one superb move down the left early in the first half set the tone. Max Kretszchmar featured twice in that move and, until he was kicked in the air later on, showed sufficient skill and intelligence to justify an extended run.

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    @aloysius - Ive never read so much rubbish, send PCH back to Millwall ? We have signed the player on loan and agreed to paying a percentage of his wages if not all of his wages. Why the hell should Millwall foot the bill for that ? Hence why Phil said it was a gamble signing a player who has alot of injuries and has now left us with his wages to pay until the summer. I don't agree about Thompson not being in the side has changed the style, same happened last year once we got to a certain amount of points we became more expansive and played more football than grind ball.
    If we can get a couple of decent loans in we can easily make the playoffs and have we looked like was have missed Pierre, I don't think so in the slightest and Anthony Stewart would be very unlucky to lose his place in the side after the last two games.

  • and Marcus Bean tweaked his hamstring so will probably be 10-14 days !

  • Back to battle Stevenage maybe?

  • @rmjlondon It's far from unusual for players to return to their parent club when injured while out on loan. Just depends on whether that clause was negotiated in the loan contract. If it wasn't, then it would appear to very much a gamble, and a bad one.

    Also, "a lot" is two words.

  • yes they may return but the wages are still paid by the club loaning the player. He will have returned now to be dealt with by his parent clubs medical team but we will still bear the cost of his wages as Millwall let him go out to get him off the wage bill.

  • I think Gareth Ainsworth said in his Player interview that we still have to pay Paris' wages, even though he won't be playing.

  • if Max can replicate yesterday he will be a massive asset between now and May

  • Can't argue with that Richie.

  • Swings and roundabouts - didn't the same happen but the other way round when we sold him to Millwall in the first place?

  • yes he broke his leg.

  • Have to agree, some decent football broke out at times during that game however much the Rovers fans moan.

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