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Now I enjoyed last season. Totally unexpected was our achievement in reaching the playoffs and visiting Wembley.
Yes I was disappointed in not winning but I understood the potential financial disaster that could have occured if we had got promoted. We could not have coped.
However, like many football supporters I am perhaps unrealistic in my expectations but what I do have is the HOPE that my team can go one step further. Unfortunately that hope is being whittled away this year by the inability of the Club to sign a couple of players on loan - a creative midfield player and a young hungry forward who would enable us to potentially scale the dizzy heights of the playoffs and perhaps visit Wembley again.
Am I being greedy and unreastic? Yes maybe I am but Northampton last Saturday showed us(if we didn't know what was needed) that how close we are to matching the best in our League. I really feel we need to speculate to accumulate NOW as this season will end in many thinking of what perhaps could of been. The money spent on the loans won't guarantee success but what it will do is harness the undoubted potential of the players wearing the blue and white of Wycombe and give them that extra help we know is required.


  • 'The blue and white of Wycombe'?? Perhaps you are thinking of our visitors from Bristol on Saturday. Of course they won't be wearing blue and white as only the mighty mighty Wycombe wear quarters at Adams Park.

  • I'm pretty sure that Gareth and Dobbo are looking for one, or maybe two, who could make a difference. The problem is getting players who could really make a difference (i.e. who are good enough) for reasonable and affordable money. We all know that there is no point in speculation simply for its own sake - and ending up with a doughnut for a couple of months or so.

  • Odd opening post. Didn't realise Yoda was a chairboy and honestly did anybody walk out of Wembley thinking "phew, we just dodged a financial disaster there".

    Bottom line is if you haven't got the cash you can't speculate to accumulate. If the financial position really is that if we sign one or two more players we will not be able to pay the wages to the end of the season unless we get a unexpected boost from reaching the playoffs, then frankly I would rather not take the chance. The cost of failure would massively exceed the benefit of success.

    We currently sit a point or two of the playoffs with the current squad. Lets hope they can achieve another miracle this season. If the money is available and another gem becomes available to loan, better still.

  • I agree with all the sentiments,but if the club is serious in pursuing promotion then at least the midfielder and forward need to be found soon,otherwise we will be out of the running. Equally,supporters need some sort of incentive to attend for what remains of the season

  • Interesting incidentally how quickly a bit of received wisdom becomes fact in the online football world. A few months ago, it was obvious that Sellers was the answers to all our problems, now it is obvious that we should speculate to accumulate and sign a couple of players, Plymouth supporters are up in arms at the moment - they have only won 1 in 4, plainly the manager is a numptie and some guy on the bench should start every game.

  • @DevC said:
    Didn't realise Yoda was a chairboy

    Did lol.

  • 'She lives in hope.... But she used to live in Barnsley'.

  • edited February 2016

    There is no point paying for players who cannot immediately improve our position and most of those already have a berth. I am assuming GA is doing everything he can to improve things, for his own reputation in the game if nothing else. For my part, I think the current squad have a reasonable chance of making the play-offs at least. We are not relegation fodder and though some of the performances have been wanting this is not exactly a poor season. (Famous last words, I know!) If we could not afford to go into League One last season, perhaps another play-off campaign (with an outside chance of another trip to Wembley and even a surprise I won;t say it) might improve the coffers for a more sustained tilt next year.

  • League positions don't lie, we are there or there abouts. Think we got a chance at the play offs but I don't think we will punt for a creative midfielder or a striker to secure a place this season. Why as I think financial stability is our main aim and possible next season or the season after that, if we secure our u21/reserve side, really go for promotion.

    Think our Achilles heal is no backup from the bench with game time behind me to get into the fray with match fitness like most of the other sides fortunately have, maybe I spiltting hairs but I honestly believe our u21/reserve side would pay dividends either way.

    Anyway it's been fun trying.

  • It shouldn't be forgotten that a week ago we were as high as 4th. And even now we're only 2 points off 5th place. I don't think we need to push ourselves too much money wise with how we're doing, the whole point is to try and be sustainable.

    I really don't like this talk about how it was almost a good thing not going up, as we'd have had to pay higher wages. If the goal of going up isn't worth achieving we might as well sod it all off straight away

  • the goalkeeper wears WHITE

  • .......and light and dark green checks and light and dark mauve and pink (but mercifully not all at the same time).

  • My Mrs wanted to buy a jester hat when we were at Wembley but I vetoed this as they were blue and white and those are not our colours.

    Light, dark blue (army).

    "Mmm wearing two shades of blue are we..." Quote from Joda in the Frank Adams two weeks ago.

  • This is a quandary for the club as survival is the absolute priority, though we also need to improve attendances at home. The general level of entertainment at recent league home games has been lacklustre to say the least. The main problem is when we get stuck in the rut of the defence repeatedly bypass midfield and whack it long. This surely cannot be a premeditated tactic from the management team as it has been shown to categorically fail to work and create an atmosphere of negativity.

    With regards to the public pronouncements that we would suffer problems if relegated, whilst refreshingly honest for die-hard supporters of the club who have almost seen it go out of business too many times recently, sends out a bit of a negative signal to floating spectators who appear to be staying away at the moment.

    It's by no means an easy balancing act (if at all possible), though I'm sure it's one that pre-occupies the powers that be, who should (if they don't already) realise that football isn't a results business to the exclusion of all other considerations.

  • 2nd para @ReadingMarginalista - did you mean promotion would cause problems?

  • the context of the club's view, not your own, I hasten to add.

  • edited February 2016

    You are of course correct @micra , I did mean 'promotion' rather than 'relegation'. Unfortunately that's what happens when I only have a few minutes at lunch to churn out gasroom posts!
    Admittedly it doesn't stop me from making glaring errors when I do have plenty time, but we'll gloss over that...

    And you are correct when that was in the club's beancounters' perspective. I would have been cock-a-hoop if we had been promoted, much like any Chairboy or girl.

  • Added to which we just signed PCH on loan and won our first games with jim in the team. Any additions may also pick up knocks and I would prefer long term financial stability over punt and hope any day

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