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Is it ever legitimate to cheer an opposition player (who is not an ex-player)


  • Mansfield visit Rovers soon so that will be fun!

  • Surely some bright spark can come up with some amendment to Elton Johns "Daniel" around "Daniel, you're a star".

  • they say Mansfield's pretty, though I've never been # (*)

    (*) I have, obviously, I'm a Superfan

  • Where is Dave Plebling when you need him? On second thoughts.............!

  • "There's only one Colin Daniel, one Colin Daniel......." Pathetic. Tried to work in references to Stags, Mansfield, coming back to haunt you, whatever, but I'm definitely not the bright spark DevC had in mind.

  • Just to rub it in, the BBC show him wearing a Rovers shirt

  • Poor efforts so far.

    Last time Daniel played down the Mem
    there were horse on the pitch with fans punching them
    Oh oh oh oh and I can see Daniel waving goodbye
    Cos it looks like Daniel's
    sent Rovers out the League

    OOh ooh ooh Daniel my brother, you've never been a chairboy
    Do you still feel the love from all of us on our side
    you never scored for us but you saved us all the same
    Daniel your a star
    you always will be in our eyes


  • Taupin? All this time I hadn't realised you were he @DevC.

    On a much more serious note, I dont think there's a snowball in hell's chance of the lads learning your very fine lyrics ahead of kick-off. It has to be short and snappy and, at the risk of being called revisionist, I consider my own (admittedly pathetic) attempt to be just the job. All together now...."There's only one Colin Daniel, one Colin Daniel...." Yes, that will do very nicely. To quote Sir William Turnbull "Come on you Wycombe".

  • Damn I've blown my disguise. You are right of course, just my bit of fun over lunch. Sad little man that I am.

  • No train journey today then Dev?

  • Hee hee @mooneyman . Perhaps his newly found lyrical skills would have endeared him to the brunette.

    "Roses are Red
    Violets are blue,
    Do you mind awfully
    if i oggle at you ?"

  • Considering he's never played for Bristol Rovers as far as I know, how come he's shown wearing a Rovers shirt?

  • It's from the Rovers -v- Mansfield game. Mansfield turned up without their kit and had to play in the previous season's Rovers away kit.

  • Ta - Funnily enough I remember us wearing a Rovers kit in an away game there. Those Gasheads will do anything to gain an advantage won't they?

  • I like the fact that Bristol Rovers were relegated by a team dressed as Bristol Rovers. I'd also like to think that, if that kit was their previous change kit*, there were/are supporters who own the kit that sent them down.

    *I've read elsewhere that it was a youth team kit, which spoils it a bit.

  • Surprised they didn't claim that Mansfield had a unfair advantage due to the kit they were wearing.

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