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Paul Tisdale manages his 500th game as manager of Exeter City tomorrow against Oxford. lets hope he wins!

Always rated him very highly as a manager, not a view always shared by his supporters who take for granted relative success on very small budgets. Anybody think of any parallels?

Congratulations to him, England's second longest serving manager by a country mile. Ainsworth unbelievably is eighth. Pellegrini is the third longest in the premiership until the summer at least.


  • Well done him. Don't have any issue with Tisdale or Exeter despite recent spats. Styles make fights and all that and it's fair to says ours differs from Exeter's, albeit ours got us to Wembley last season so maybe we've won that argument. Can understand why some ECFC fans may want a change after so long but the grass may not be much greener on the other side.

  • I think my choice of clichΓ© would be "you don't know what you've got til it's gone". Some Exeter fans may come to regret their campaign to get rid of Tisdale

  • Seems a decent fella in his after match interview and a whole lot more class than his Plymouth counterpart. Snappy dresser too

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