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  • Thanks, a nice honest - and balanced - report. Kind of how I understood the game went from listening on Chairboys Player, and tallys with other comments on the matchday thread.
    Quite remarkable then if you take a look at the Facebook group. From some of the comments on there you'd think that we'd just been tonked 5-0 at home to York...

  • Yeah, nice one Dale. Toe to toe for the most part punctuated by a great strike like us v Exeter. I reckpn we might contnue our ok run as long as the loss doesn't hit team confidence. Win some, lose some; unless you're NTFC right now.

  • As I mentioned in the match day thread (before it got hijacked) I don't think we were outclassed in any way and the game was much more even than the home game. If AP and PCH had played for us and Holmes not played for them I believe the result would have been different.

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