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Plymouth game fine

We have been fined £2500 and Plymouth £3000 -

Incoming whining .............


  • Hilarious! Do Plymouth get fined the extra £500 due to their 'big club' attitude?

  • Obviously they were more at fault than us.
    Plymouth clean your act up!!

  • Hopefully the players and manager will pay this fine instead of the club.

  • Notice none of them refer to the exemplary character of their sainted manager.

  • Honestly, the amount of money Devon clubs have cost us in the last couple of years!

  • Devon clubs have given us an awful lot of points in recent years though.

  • That's true @DevC, and if it wasn't for Plymouth's generosity and kindness we wouldn't have had a lovely day out at Wembley last year.

  • I'm beginning to have a soft spot for them.

  • The Plymouth fans need to take off their blinkers. The unbiased reports from the ref and the officials are the basis for this judgement and the fine to guilt is proportionate .

  • They've now posted saying their fine was inflated because of their 'poor' record over the last five years, not because of their saintly behaviour the other week.

  • Good job there are no fines for whinging or Plymouth would be in trouble.

  • The reason they got a bigger fine is because they have previous,it involved a match v Exeter last February.

  • "That's true @DevC, and if it wasn't for Plymouth's generosity and kindness we wouldn't have had a lovely day out at Wembley last year."

    Its true Doc.
    As I drove past Home Park on my way to Wembley, I couldn't help shed a little tear that my Argyle friends would not be going to Wembley yet again that year - indeed in the full history of this massive club, they have only played there once I believe and that was 20 years ago. Aw bless.

  • Think about it. They're not upset about a paltry five hundred quid. All the whining is because we keep going down there and turning them over.
    Ah know this 'coz ahmm cheating Wycombe scum, so ah am. All the best, Plymouth, and thanks very much for the three points - lots of love, Rab C. Scumbag.

  • Didn't you know that you shouldn't taunt those less fortunate than yourself? Plymouth are having a really tough time and it's just not fair to be so hard on them.

  • Confused on how Pilgrims had to shell out more, unless the officials saw it differently and also what whent on in the tunnel as I don't think Ainsworth not shaking hands was a biggy and huffing that went with it.

    Funny old game.

  • Plymouth got an additional hit because of previous problems

  • @bluenotes ; gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.

  • Not sure why some of our fans seem so smug about beating Plymouth at their place. They beat as at Adams Park earlier in the season and sit 10 points above us in the table, comfortably in the automatic places. They will more than likely be playing League 1 football net year, whilst we wallow around in the doldrums of League 2 again next season.

    Do we know if Ainsworth and the players will be fronting the cost of the bill? Or will this be coming out of our already limited budget? We offload AAH's wages, only to pay back all the saved money in fines!

  • Not feeling smug about beating them down there alone; but a degree of smugness tends to creep in upon exposure to accusations of only managing to do it by means of cheating: together with the sense of irony when set against their performance at AP earlier in the season.
    On to the next game and let's hope the Cobblers feel the need to carp, for the same reason, at the weekend.

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