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The Opposition view - Exeter

What the Grecians had to say about yesterday's game...


  • Less hysterical than last season I suppose.

  • A couple of our regular posters haven't surfaced yet, they must be hurting too much. Some embarrassing crying on our supporters club Facebook page though.

  • Three hearty cheers for oxforddon!

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    Just shows how some football supporters have no ability to make reasoned judgements on a game or anything else for that matter. Think we might get heartily sick of their ilk in the next few months... Talk of not making reasoned judgements, has anyone else come across the Wycombe supporter who thinks Matt Bloomfield is the spawn of the devil?

  • Exeter really did gave a bee in their bonnet over gamesmanship. The 70 yard run their no. 2 made to abuse Allsop was probably the most energy he used all game. It showed to me we had won the battle if he was more interested in that than getting his team back in the game.

    One thing I think should stop though is the cheating chants from the Wycombe fans. I'm not sure the humour of it translates to the team. It rather demeans the effort and skill shown and in my opinion is anything but support.
    We know what tactics the team uses. We also know we are quite good at it. I would leave it at that. The chants cast light on something that should remain in the shadows.

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    @Bluebottle Have not encountered the "anti Blooms" moron; but have certainly heard more than a few who heap cretinous abuse upon Sammy W. OK so he hasn't had the best of seasons, so far, but we should all get behind the team - ALWAYS. One of the highlights yesterday, for me, was to see the old Sammy once again. Hope he is with us to stay.

  • Nice to see Mr T was complimentary about our pitch, I've noticed a couple of comments recently blaming the pitch from opposing teams (Aston Villa to name one). Always liked Tis and think Exeter have always played decent football, shame their fans smashed up our toilets a couple of years ago but no bother yesterday. Good luck to them for the rest of the season.

  • @Cyclops it is always easier to pick fault with players, especially league two level, so the abuse will no doubt continue. Fourth in the league is fantastic for us though and we should give the team a boost and a song to remind them of that.

    That said @Right_in_the_Middle I do have a soft spot for the ironic(sardonic?) chants a la "we know what we are..." and I reckon this will be heard and understood by the players and gaffer alike, who then have the choice/ chance to either stop doing it or make it more subtle.

    All in all, nine points from twelve, shedding some underperforming players and others stepping up to the mark, playing a totl side knackered from a midweek 1v3 battle...
    Get something out of the Cobblers fixture and we are right up in the mix for another Wembley appearance!

    All this is yet more reason to laugh at the bitter comments along the lines of "would hate to support a team like Wycombe" that inevitably come up every week.

    Onwards and upwards, COYB!!!!

  • I must say I started cringing when I heard the 'we're time wasters, we know what we are' chants at Dagenham and couldn't work out why the same people were chanting for Ugwu from 20 mins in. However I thought the 'ole' chants every time we passed the ball were completely fair - there's also a chance it was responsible for the goal, given that it came from exactly the same move. And maybe it's not a coincidence we changed our style the following match. If that's the case it shows credit to both the fans who stuck their necks out and to Ainsworth for responding. Finally an example of the benefit of being a fan-owned club! ;-)

  • No way on earth Gaz listens to the drone army for tactical advice, and rightly so

  • Blimey, is that the first mention of the drone army on Gasroom 2.0? It'll be shimmering apes next...

  • I do believe this fan forum is monitored to gauge one of many media services and think rightly so. WW don't have to appease us but I honestly think our views are filtered to the Communications/Media types at the club.

    Every time I listen to the Player, especially at away games, Phil (post interviews) mentions the views of the fans and the Gaffer responds in kind.

  • I agree @Ciderk1d its not like we choose the way the team play but it is probably wise of the club at all levels to listen to what the fans are saying to a degree. It must be a bit embarassing to hear the passionate supporters dissing the way the team play, and against Northants the odds are against us so why not play expansive football.

    We fans are the club's customer base and it has been said that the customer is always right. We all know that this is not always the case but I for one see it as a mark of respect when the players/ gaffer clap us at the end or run to us when they score. Gives the feeling we are part of our club, One Wycombe and all that.

    Whatever the reason, the perceived move away from hoofball to a more cultured game is being well received and long may it continue!

  • It's perfectly OK to sing we're time wasting ba5*#{€$, we know what we are. How can the players be offended? They know exactly what they are doing. It's also a bit of banter with the opposing fans.

  • I must admit it did make me chuckle when I heard that "time wasting b'staards" song. I was also slightly surprised that the home fans didn't respond to ECFC fans accusations of "same old Wycombe, always cheating", with "same old Exeter, always whingeing!". I just couldn't help thinking that was precisely what they were doing, moaning and bewitching because their team didn't have a game plan to beat us.

  • No need to get too prissy about the "time wasting barsteward" chant. As fans we know there's more to the way we win than mere game management and I'm sure every Chairboy and girl welcomed the fact we actually tried to play football yesterday. The chant is just a bit of gallows humour after listening to the weekly whinges from each set of opposition supporters. As @EwanHoosaami says, "same old Exeter, always whingeing!".

  • Take no notice of these shimmering apes

  • @Ciderk1d I certainly do read this site/twitter and talk to fans in the bars to see what the general views are. I'm lucky enough to see all the games, but the press box can sometimes be cut off from WW fans. More often than not, I'm surrounded by away fans.

    The trick is to find the sensible views and articulate the questions in a constructive, non antagonistic way.

  • @bluntphil says "The trick is to find the sensible views and articulate the questions in a constructive, non antagonistic way."

    And it shows.

  • Great team performance with some decent football played. McGinn and O'Nien worked well with Beano, though I still think Harriman is wasted in the back four. Sam Wood whingers quietened for a bit and for tickmayesstugood - Pierre showed he can pass a ball!

  • @Wendoverman; Long may this continue.

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