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  • Excellent report and I agree with all the scores. Personally I would have given Man of Match to Paris.

  • I thought Sam Wood was excellent. I'd have given it to him

  • Yes Woody was outstanding my MOTM also

  • Sammy and Paris will always play, if fit. Their excellent performances came as no great surprise. Stephen McGinn on the other hand has had few opportunities to impress but yesterday he showed real class and a readiness to battle not previously demonstrated. His performance was a real eye-opener. And of course he capped it with that superb match-winning strike.
    I really hope he has turned a corner.

  • Yes, my heart sank when I saw McGinn on the teamsheet but clearly Ainsworth had seen something in him which I and probably most others hadn't. GA 1 Me 0.

  • Absolutely right. There have been dozens of calls on this forum for something different. So huge credit for Gareth for going for it; and even more credit to Stephen McGinn for grabbing his chance with both hands. Quick mention for Paris as well - awesome performance imo. No wonder the lad was unable even to walk off, for a minute or so, at the end of the game.

  • For me the goal changed both the dynamic and the feel of the game. Before it it was a battle much like the week before. After we grew in confidence and the ball hit the ground more.
    The last 30 mins were similar to the first 20 mins against Luton. We come away with more of a glow though because we produced the 30 yard goal and had our best period at the end when remember it.

    The midfield four were excellent. Wood and McGinn were great and I thought Bean shielded the back four well. Luke was excellent at almost defending the space in front of their back four where they normally start attacking from. It forced them to play longer and in to the hands (or heads) of Pierre and McCarthy.

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