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Match day thread: Exeter



  • We are definitely going to win today...because on the balance of probabilities we have to win at home sooner or later. I'm going for 1 0 a Pierre header.

  • Good luck today everyone, hope it's a good game and may the best team win .

  • It's true that we will win at home sooner or later, and we're favourites today. I wouldn't go so far as to say definitely though.

  • @NorthumberlandBlue

    Thanks. I used to post on the old forum as 'Kim' so I thought I'd expand a bit.

    I think we'll win today. But I think that every day.

    Come to think of it, we'll probably draw today 1-1.

  • Much needed change in the system. Looks like a 4-3-3. C'mon!

  • edited February 2016

    From the commentary it sounds like we're actually playing a passing game!

  • As things stand we are 4th.....

  • Good result in the end.... A win at home. Can't complain about that too much..... Let's see...

  • Its been a good week 6 points and 4th place.

  • Congratulations. All the best for the rest of the season from me at least. Sadly i think the embarrassing crying might be about to start on our forum. Will be interested to hear what your fans thought of today.

  • Well done lads.. and awesome goal by McGinn.

  • Dull game, lit up with a wonder goal from McGinn.

  • @richardecfc Thank you. I thought we played the best we have played in a while. Playing it on the ground more certainly helped. As did Exeter being up for a good open game. Two of our men went down with head bangs that you could actually hear in the Woodlands. You fans ,predictably , started 'Same old Wycombe always cheating'. I guess that's partly our fault because we can do that but unwarranted today ,I felt. Not sure about our keeper staying down late on mind. Disappointed to walk behind 2 ECFC fans after the game going on and on about same as last year , we would have won if Wycombe hadn't cheated. A little foot note to the Luton game , one of their guys went down late on and was actually off the pitch the next thing he has walked over to the edge of the penalty area and sat down and called the ref over who stopped play and brought on the trainer. Same old Luton....

  • We can't complain because we didn't take any of our chances. Even last season, we only had ourselves to blame for giving away an avoidable penalty.

  • That Luton substitution last week was incredible wasn't it! I think the problem from their point of view was that the guy coming on wasn't ready and hence the guy coming off turned the whole thing into something of an epic. He broke down twice on the way off after noticing the other guy wasn't stripped and ready. And yes, I'm sure we'd do the same in similar circumstances, in fact I think Hayes was booked at Pompey last season for a lengthy trudge off whilst we had a player treated off the pitch for a head wound.

  • Yeah, I think some of the Exeter fans were judging us on our reputation rather than what was going on. As someone mentioned the whack that Sam Wood got you could hear from the stands, and they continued to boo Aaron Pierre even though he got up straight away. As for the challenge on Allsop the bloke did go in at about hip height with his studs up

    There was done dreadful whining coming from the away supporters as they left the ground

  • Can't believe anyone could accuse us of excessive time wasting after that. I watched us closely second half and there was no undue time taken over throw-ins, free kicks etc. In fact, Exeter wasted time for us by constantly kicking the ball out of play! I thought we were incredibly comfortable once we went 1-0 up and kept pressuring the ball through to the end, with Tisdale's subs doing nothing to change the course of play.

    Anyway, so pleased to see the change in style of play pay off with a win. It was a fantastic goal from McGinn and visibly lifted the pressure of the team, at a time when they might've been tempted to revert to old ways. Special mention to Cowan Hall and ONien who I thought were excellent - but all round it was a great team performance and I felt the second half was the best 45 minutes I'd seen all season.

    Finally, credit to the Exeter fans who I thought were brilliant first half. It was an even game until McGinn's goal but after that the better team clearly won. It will be interesting to see their thoughts on the match, and whether they adopt the same lazy rhetoric about us as their West Country neighbours...

  • Great play from Mcginn and Wood today in fact everyone put in a shift .

  • @Last_Quarter said:
    Finally, credit to the Exeter fans who I thought were brilliant first half. It was an even game until McGinn's goal but after that the better team clearly won. It will be interesting to see their thoughts on the match, and whether they adopt the same lazy rhetoric about us as their West Country neighbours...

    I tend to find Exeter's fans have a little more class than their mouth breathing neighbours.

  • @drcongo - afraid if you look at the comments on the League 2 FB group I have to disagree...

  • If you look at anything on Facebook you'll find a load of mouth breathers though. Facebook is like being in the audience of the Jeremy Kyle show.

  • I didn't think today's game was so different to Luton in many respects. We had a few openings, as did Exeter, and the game could have gone either way. Exeter were tidy and made some good chances in the first half.

    We did make a noticeable effort to pass the ball around more. Hayes linked up with Mginn nicely at times. The latter really took his chance today. Some good tidy football and a superb goal.

    Still worrying that we looked pretty toothless in the final third. I think our second shot on target only came in the final few minutes when O'Nien broke through?

  • McGinn deservedly man of the match. All the talk on the AAH thread about how hard done by are some of those who have had far more game time than him. Has there been a peep out of McGinn? No, he's waited for his chance and today he took it

  • Mcginn today, for the first, time, just showed what he is capable of. Quality performance and easily MoM.

  • The interesting thing about today was that it definitely seemed to be a new approach with a real focus on passing the ball more (although I did worry about the wisdom of that first half when JJ had the ball!).

    The question is, why?

    Was it a one off due to it being Exeter, one of the reportedly better footballing sides?

    Is it because now there is realistically no threat of us getting relegated and we can afford to be more expansive?

    Has GA listened to or thought about the criticism/ reputational stuff and decided time to improve it a little?

    Will be interesting to see which Wycombe turns up at Northampton.

    But an enjoyable, well contested game. Thought first half Exeter posed Pierre & co more problems than a lot of other teams and won more than their fair share of headers

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