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  • 1-1? Loving the optimism :-)

  • With Holloway gone, I think that means every fit and available member of the squad will be in the side against Exeter, either starting or on the bench. If Jacobson fails to get fit in time, there won't be a full bench.

    If Jacobson does fail his fitness test, I would rather see Wood revert to Left Back than have Jombati in what is an unnatural position for him, perhaps even giving Sellers a chance in front of him on the left side of midfield in a 4-1-3-2. Bring Stewart back in and put McCarthy at Right Back, where he has performed well previously.

    McCarthy; Stewart; Pierre; Jacobson (if fit, otherwise Wood)
    Harriman; O'Nien; Wood (or Sellers, if Jacobson not fit)
    Cowan-Hall; Hayes

  • Agree totally Uncle T. If Harriman is right back or on the left wing I will throw my toys out of the pram, etc etc

  • Ainsworth said earlier JJ will not be playing due to injury.

  • We can move a few around the back while JJ is recovering, like we managed last time.

  • No, he can't defend.

  • Can't see us scoring and can see us letting a few in so I'm 0.2

  • 2-1 Wycombe

  • @StrongestTeam - Ryan Sellers was indeed described as a left back/left midfield when he came to Wycombe. The only basis that I am aware of for anyone to argue that he can't defend was when he played left midfield against Leeds and Sammy Wood, who was skippering at left back, may have felt that he wasn't tracking back sufficiently. I think left midfield is probably his best position and I too am disappointed that he has not been given the opportunity to show what he can do in a match situation.

    I am not a friend or related to Ryan (nor have I ever spoken to him).

  • It's ok. If woodman plays at left back he can't defend either.

  • We all know that's not true, Woodman is a decent player. Not as good as Joe Jacobson, but still.

  • He might have been good for you, but defensively he had a been very poor for us. McAllister has been playing recently. He isn't great, but the better of the two imo.

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