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forward to join on loan from Watford

I would guess at Alex Jakubiak ..... anybody else any ideas ?


  • he has been banned mate, surprised you aint read that

  • was about to ask you the same.

  • Just joined same attitude fuck off Rich

  • asking me if I am somebody I am not will be why I have an attitude.

  • Hey. Don't be rude. Welcome back Rich

  • I thought it was ticktock...but do I recognise a certain literary style in Stus posts.

  • Ighalo would be nice...?

    But in all realism it'd be someone like Jakubiak or Bernard Mensah - neither of which have set the world alight whilst on loan anywhere.

  • Nah, Stu Gooders, is clearly just some guy who has joined for the first time on Feb 11th.

    Clearly nothing to do with the tedious/banned Richie Mays.


  • I am a little surprised that with no new striker coming in immediately that we let AAH this weekend or whilst Tommo is banned.
    Either he was becoming a pain around the place, the offer from Oldham was time sensitive or GA is intending to use PCH as a forward which is no bad thing. Woody left, Harriman right, PCH and Hayes in the middle.

  • Or GA already has one in place and it will be announced tomorrow a la PCH and Mawson

  • Judging from the comments post AAH departure it does not seem as if someone is in at the Cressex filling station just yet.
    The writing on the wall has there fore AAH since the Villa Park game so maybe GA has been trawling Championship Manager 2016 to see who would fit. More likely popping up the A40 or A4 to see who is hanging around at QPR or Brentford.

  • Paris is the key part of this, the pace and ability to do something a bit different to anyone else in the squad.
    Without him being able to play striker, this timing would look insane, with a not fully fit Hayes and an average at best at this level Ugwu the other options!

  • Paris played as a striker on Tues from the start of the second half until Thompson's dismissal. I would say it's a nailed on certainty he'll be one of the front two tomorrow and I reckon him and Hayes could make a devillishly good combination - exactly the sort of speedy forward who will be able to react well to Hayes's flick ons.

    I'm not sure we'll be getting another striker in on loan, unless Ainsworth is offered a real bargain from someone's youth squad. Max can also play the PCH role up front, and Ugwu offers something different from the bench.

    I suspect and hope the days of the Hayes - Thompson partnership are over and the rest of the season we'll see one of them play as the link man and one of PCH / Max / Ugwu furthest forward.

    I'm of the view that any loan money would be much better spent on a left winger, though Wood's assist on Tues certainly shows he's still got it in him on occasions.

  • I'd have thought it will be Ugwu and Hayes starting up front tomorrow, but we'll see.

  • Depends on whether JJ is fit; if not I guess PCH will play wide right.

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