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Dean Morgan

I see Dean Morgan has signed for Newport until the end of the season. What's the betting he will score the winner against us on 5th March?


  • He'll be in a sulk about something by then. No need to worry.

  • I'd rather him now than the old men we have

  • @bigred87 I wouldn't. Morgan was some talent but was generally a total waste of space.

  • His attitude was one of the main reasons we nearly got relegated!

  • @bigred87 He's two weeks younger than Paul Hayes.

    But yes, I agree that he'd add something to the squad. The risk is he might take something away too.

  • Dean Morgan divides opinion but personally I liked him at the club, he was a rare player in League 2, able to justify your ticket price with just a few touches. It's great when we have success, but football is an entertainment business, and Dean recognises that.

  • I was a huge fan of Morgan's and agree about the entertainment. His goal record is almost identical to Paul Hayes.
    However when he sulked he sulked big and that clearly had an influence on those around him. Only GA and the backroom staff will know what influence he had in the dressing room. It has been suggested that he influenced Stewart poorly and there was certainly talk of cliques in the dressing room. Our current team does seem unified so a character such as Dean Morgan would be a huge risk.
    Hope he does well for Newport, just not against us.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub I'd be interested to know if you'd compare Holloway and Morgan in any way. Both huge enigmatic talents with a question mark over attitude.

  • Hmmmm. Holloway, Holloway, Holloway. Clearly a player with a great talent but I think he is more like to self destruct than to influence those around him. DM twitter feed was always about him livin' the dream as a top footballer. I see AAH as a player filled with self-doubt and lacking confidence rather than the opposite. Almost Heskey-esque. I may be completely wrong of course. I would love to see the guy function at the top of his potential but think he will be the victim of his own demons.

  • Holloway has all the attributes - height, strength, pace, ability on the ball and a good shot. But there just seems to be something missing. It could be self-belief, although he seems to think he should be in the team so it might not be that. Maybe it's related to being a defender turned forward, and he lacks experience of playing up front competitively and the nous that comes along with it.

    He's still young so he has plenty of time to get it right. But I'm not sure Wycombe is going to be the place where it happens.

  • A friend of mine is a big Bristol City fan, and when we signed Holloway he alluded to the fact that his "big-time Charlie" attitude was one of the driving forces behind him not getting more of a chance there. I fear that after the praise he got at the back end of last season, those less desirable character traits may have come back to the fore. I hope I'm wrong for his sake and ours.

  • It always tickles me when I read about 4th Division footballers being big-time-charlies. I enjoyed a twitter thread with Dean Morgan once where he was trying to secure an Audi R8. I'm sure when they are stood around night spots telling the bottle blonde they are a professional footballer they are more likely to say that they are using Newport, Accrington, Wycombe etc as a way of getting back to full fitness before returning to their rightful place in the Championship or Premiership.
    When will these guys look around and think if they drop down one more league they need to get another job not a £100k sports car.
    Maybe AAH is one of those. Maybe he will wake up when he is propping up a bar in his late 40's and go DOHHHHH

  • Deano will try v hard when/if he plays vs us. I remember when we played Plymouth away and their then manager was one of his (many) ex, Deano played out of his skin & kept pointing it out to the Argyl manager ... hope Gaz stays calm.

  • Yes, he was particularly excited when he scored and gave the Plymouth manager lip straight after the goal and the game.

    He won't be one to keep quiet and not celebrate if he scores at AP that's for sure.

  • LLoyd
    Would have to be a helluva shot given the game is being played in Newport.....

  • Fair enough. I can understand why I forgot that Newport home game though, it wasn't exactly a cracker....! :)

  • I was never really a fan of Morgan. For all his fancy stuff, it regularly didn't come off and he'd immediately go into a sulk for the next 5 minutes of the game - quite often resulting in him then being offside when the ball next comes forward because he was too busy sulking and blaming everyone around him for not being where his back heeled pass went.

  • He obviously had to be picked as one of the 'star' players when he was here but I thought that final season was embarrassing with him playing poorly and blaming everyone else.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle; For someone (AAH) who has hardly played any minutes, especially the 3 loses on the trot, to be mentioned in practically ever thread and one thread that was hi-jacked devoted to him, I wouldn't be surprised you'll (and rest of of brigade) hound out the Club if he had a gander on this forum god forbid, then who will be next as Banton has gone already.

    Play some football on the deck and it may surprise you, they might smile and play alot better.

    I will never forget poor Fred's face, trying to get on the end of hoofs with a 6'3" Centre back against Newport at home last season. That was a Kodak moment if ever.

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