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Greatest Adams Park victory of all time?

All this negativity about our recent home record got me thinking... what do you think was our greatest ever win at AP?


  • To clarify I don't mean the greatest numerical victory necessarily, but your favourite in terms of significance or performance?

  • I have a fond memory of us destroying Kettering at home 5-1 when they'd been unbeaten for the best part of 20 games and were top of the league. Think it was the 90/91 season. A shocking performance in the best sense of the word - a massive statement of intent.

  • Our 2-1 win over Huddersfield always sticks out for me. We played with 10 men for the majority of the game, but won with a late Simon Garner goal. Also probably one of the best atmospheres I've ever known at Adams Park.

  • I am with @Wycombe85 here - awesome game, awesome result, awesome atmosphere

  • Thirded. An fantastic match between two superb footballing teams. Wouldn't it be great to say that nowadays?

  • I was at the Huddersfield game but don't really remember it. I remember my dad recalling it many times though, I think it really was a defining moment of the O'Neill era.

    A game that sticks out to me is Wycombe 2 Wolves 1 during our cup run. The one with the epic Andy Rammell snow image.

  • This was a cracker, I used to love the QPR games when the players seemed to truly hate each other, it was never a derby but the players treated it like one. Tut tut Marcus Bean.

  • I was just 18, and you should have seen the size of Andy Rammell. I wasn’t trying to fight him. If I had I wouldn’t have come out on top.

  • God, that game was bedlam from what I remember. This was another absolute belter - and a rollercoaster of emotions. 2-0 and 3-2 down to Brentford, eventually winning 5-3.

  • I remember after that game commenting on the Gasroom that we had the best two wingers in the division in Currie and Roberts. I might have been half right.

  • Wycombe 4-2 Coventry, League Cup 1993. Incredible performance against the then Premiership side

  • That Kettering game mentioned earlier was incredible. Mark West scored four, Martin O'Neill came over to the valley terrace at half time to say "you're the best bloody supporters in the country but could you just mind your language?"

    I always remember that Boston cup replay from the same season. An absolutely ridiculously large crowd with a similarly ridiculously low "official" attendance declared. I would love to know how many were in the ground that night.

  • Top of the table millwall visiting us on a Tuesday night and we were rock bottom, think it may have been one of John Gregory's early games in charge and late in the second half Mickey Bell picked up the ball on the half way line, advanced forward and then unleashed an unstoppable thirty yarder into the top corner for a 1-0 win. What a goal and what a game!

  • @fedup1980 - was that the night some of Millwall's finest took it upon themselves to destroy all the toilets and sinks in the away stand? No one likes losing to `little Wycombe', do they.

  • The 5-0 v Promotion hopefuls Burnley in 1997. The Clarets brought a large and noisy midweek following to Adams Park.
    The Struggling Wanderers team were 4 up after 40 minutes and the once hopeful Burnley fans were going balistic at their own players, especially a rather tubby shirtless chap whose earlier jesting antics had transformed into a demented windmill rage.

  • Particularly the 3-0 when Brownie scored one of the greatest goals in Wycombe's history.

  • @ChasHarps - As I recall, Simon Garner had been supposed to come on and do the half time draw that day but such was the mood amongst the Burnley contingent they cancelled him. Probably wise.

  • I remember we have QPR a 4-1 thrashing circa 2002? They had about three goals ruled out offside, and one of their fans had already pitch invaded for an offside goal and been dragged halfway out the ground before he realised it hadnt even counted.

  • Beating Slough in front of a big old crowd the year we won the Conference.

    Valley end was a lock out so I stood in the Hillbottom Road end. Not quite as good an atmosphere but I did get a first hand view of Mr Hyde holding down Slough's centre forward on the blind side of the referee while Mr Cousins administered a few digs to the kidneys!

  • For emotion the Runcorn home game in our Conference winning season will take some beating.
    The Slough game is a good shout though.

  • Most memorable aspect of the Runcorn game was the virtuoso Pantomime Villian performance of Mr McKenna. He may have been a bit of dick but boy he helped to make the night special.

  • Slightly newer one, but the 2-1 home win v Dagenham in the 08/09 promotion campaign.

    Two identical Williamson headers, we were down to 10, and Daggers missed a 90th minute pen.

    Recall Tony Roberts lying down breezily while Strevens took the penalty? He was a brilliant character.

  • Getting the name back...

  • Can't believe no one has mentioned beating Wigan 2-1 the midweek before going to Lincoln at the end of 98/99.

    Apart from that beating Brentford 5-3, ColU 3-0 and the wins over QPR were great fun, but for sheer significance, nothing's going to top beating Manchester City in the league or Wolves in the cup.

  • The Runcorn game is my favourite too, though almost anything from the Gormania period runs it close.

  • Slightly OT, but I'll give you 2 fantastic draws - the 2-2 at home to WBA in the FA Cup and the 2-2 draw in the League Cup with Doncaster when we took it on penalties.

    The second was a victory of sorts, but the WBA game was the moment I felt our little club had arrived in the 'big time'.

  • I did particularly enjoy the win over Bristol Rovers in the rearranged match in 2012/13, after the fuss they had made about the abandonment of the original match.

  • The 2-2 draw with Doncaster in the League Cup is a great shout actually. In terms of 2 teams playing great football, going for it hammer and tongs for 120 minutes, it has to be up there as one of the best games ever played at Adams Park.

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