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  • I listened to most of the 1st half on the Daggers player. I thought the game was either really poor or the commentary pairing were going g to have me reaching for a rope to end my life!!!. Glad to get Phil back, however the impression I got from Chairboys player was that Hayes had a decent game and linked the team together nicely? The summary of Bloomfields' game though is my usual perception of his game and nothing changed that view from either commentary team! A real shame as he is a thoroughly decent man but can't help but feel that his time has come to perhaps move on. Just a shame that we are not rolling in cash as it would be good to find a position at the club as nobody could deny his commitment to the WWFC cause.

  • When I saw the teams I must admit I was surprised. Okay, so JJ is injured, Sido at left back...okaaaay...but surely Stewart, Pierre, McCarthy against one of the bottom clubs rather than dragging Harriman back? Harriman on right, Wood on left..give it a go.

  • If JJ is inured perhaps it's time to try Pierre, McCarthy and Stewart at the back, Harriman and Wood as wing backs?

  • Why mess with one of the best defences in the division?

  • I agree Chris that bit works fine leave it alone

  • Because then we can have extra men in the middle of the park, so we might actually have options rather than punting it?

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