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WWFC Parents

Not a topic that is going to appeal to everyone here, however I have an 11 month old boy and was wondering when it would be suitable to take him to a game.

The obvious answer is "straight away Lee, why haven't you taken him sooner!", however I have concerns over:
1) his attention span (irrelevant of how well the boys in blue are playing) - he can't walk yet so would need to be held for 120 minutes, plus the walk back and from the car (my back!).
2) baby changing facilities - is there any in the valley end (preferred location to watch given that you can move whilst holding him)? How about the family stand?

Has someone on here been in a similar position as me, and if so when did you take your boy/girl to their first game?


  • All I know about the subject FWIW is that there is a (probably sensible) height restriction in the terrace...

  • Too early, Lee. Even when they get to two or three they have no interest in the game to the irritation of both parent and surrounding fans! You and Mrs Hagger will have to share a season ticket and take it in turns listening to 3CR/Player of a Saturday.

  • Don't take them too early. If they end up regarding it as a boring chore because they are too young to appreciate the game they might get turned off football for ever.

  • Took my lad to a few non-league games from age 4 before bringing him to Wycombe. The advantage there is it's usually a more suitable environment to allow them to run around a bit if they get bored and the crowd noise isn't so intimidating.

  • Go instead for good old operant conditioning. Get him associating the famous quarters with pleasurable experiences. Play with him and cuddle him wearing your WWFC kit. Get out the WWFC bib baby grow first shirt etc for fun and comforting times only (don't shove insert his most hated vegetable down him when he's wearing it).

    You'll soon create a positive reinforcer between the colours and joy that will mean he'll be begging you to come along - and will love it.

  • Anyone that answered straight away cannot possibly be a parent. Like the idea of kit association etc. from Manboobs, but for our three sons 6 to 8 years old was really catches them if they are playing football at the time.

  • I took my boy to the Leeds home game when he was 3 and he was hooked. We've been to most home games and 10 or so away games and he's 8 now.

    We had the advantage of having a box for his first game as I wasn't sure he'd be interested, but he was in awe of the noise and atmosphere.

    As an aside, his first 4 games were home defeats and he didn't see us win until we were sat in the family stand at Milwall next to Bermonsey's finest. That was an interesting hour or so after we scored....

    The Valley isn't appropriate because of language. You don't want him dropping the F bomb as his first word.

    To counter the above, I also took my God son to a match when he was 4 and he was bored with the game after 15 minutes. That said he amused himself by playing down the front of the stand for most of the game which was fine by me.

    There aren't any changing facilities at AP as far as I know. I used the disabled loos when he was younger, but he's pleased to use the grown up ones now (apart from at Pompey!).

  • I took my nephew to his first game, aged around 7. It was the QPR4 -3 defeat. (the "send off anyone who looks a bit black" game) Nephew proudly announced over the dinner table that the referee was a W*nker. Auntie didnt let nephew go again. nephew is now a rugby fan. I blame Prosser.

  • I'd wait until he's at least 7 or 8 . Any younger then they're a pain in the arse , for you and for everyone around you.

  • @DevC Prosser has a lot to answer for. Never forget, though, that your nephew was spot on.

  • My son started going as a result of free tickets from half-term courses. He would have been about 8. At that point he was already interested in the game, was starting to watch it on the telly, play in the playground etc.

    Incidentally, the free tickets with the courses are great marketing. WWFC have sold a junior and an adult season ticket for the last 6 or 7 years off the back of those free handouts :-)

  • Not a parent myself but a good pal has taken his daughter (when weather was a little warmer) 1st time in one of those baby papoose things you can wear on your front when she was 1 I think and did the same with his boy

  • Good advice.

    I ruled out of going a last weekend, which looks entirely vindicated following all your responses.


  • I reckon about five.

  • I took my daughter very early, after only a few months. It was sunny and warm however, plus her mum was on hand to change her so I didn't miss any of the game!

    She's now one and she'd be a nightmare at the footy as she's now wandering all over the place. Next time she comes will be August I suspect.

    P.s. in case it wasn't mentioned previously, there are facilities in the family stand. Although they clearly don't get used too often judging by their condition.

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