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25 Year Retro VS Rugby

I remember it well. What I did not remember was using that extra bit of the M40 for the first time in our Mini Bus. Also back to kits I did like that Red Verco strip. I had also forgotten Mark Boyland played, but did remember Anthony Reily playing, indeed we spoke to him after the game.


  • My son was born on the 30th January 91 he was a poorly little chairboy and got taken to Stoke Mandeville Hospital. My brother came to visit us, "might as well pop up to Rugby as we are practically 1/2 way there". The lovely Mrs Fit2drop believed him. So off we went. The afore mentioned son a genuine chairboy doesn't miss many home games, takes in a few away days.

  • Re: the red change strip, it reminds me of one of my favourites in my time following the blues, the red change strip for the 98/99 season.

  • Such great memories! I went to every game during that cup run. Looking forward to a look back at the quarter final at Northwich Victoria, one of the great Wycombe games from my youth and still after all these years one of my favourite ever matches.

  • ,Β β€œSo far we haven’t kicked a ball in the Trophy and won two matches and haven’t conceded a goal."

    A great image

  • Remember going to that one. I was terrified that Boyland would destroy us but it never happened. Always thought Antony Riley looked like Mark E Smith - probably slightly fitter.

    As an aside I saw Belper Town lose to Rugby Town last weekend in the evo stick division one south - a long way down from where we are now. I assume they're a version of the same club as their fans still referred to them as 'valley'.

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