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Will Pierre go before the deadline? (and NO richmayes ban discussion)

This is an attempt to rescue what could have been an entertaining topic from the mire of the censorship debate.

So - will he? What's the latest speculation...?


  • I think Rich should have been given a three month suspension rather than an outright ban.

  • He shall stay and only go in the summer if we fail to go up methinks, hopes and prays.

  • confirmed no more business today. which is probably the best news of all today.

  • Saw AP walking through Eden earlier today (with strains of Pierre, there's only one etc going through my head).

  • Can I just say, how pleased I am transfer deadline day has passed. When I read we had signed McCarthy until the end of the season I feared the worst, and expected AP to be on the move. Ingram moving on being replaced by Allsop, on paper shouldn't weaken the team and Banton departing and Paris in, is a bonus.

    Yes we would have all liked to see that 10 goal a season striker coming in, but then there cant be many teams in existence who aren't looking for that mythical striker.

    Overall a happy bunny now the 2nd February has arrived.

    Lets go on a run, starting on Saturday. My money is on Paris to score.


  • On balance it does seem like the transfer window has gone pretty well. Signing McCarthy for the rest of the season is massive. Matt Ingram gets to chance his arm at a higher level (best of luck to him) and, on paper, we get a decent replacement for the rest of the season. And PCH is preferable to Banton.

    I think we are still one creative central midfielder short (come back Sam Saunders!) but other than that we are looking good.

    I wonder how differently things might have gone if we didn't have the cash from the two Villa games.

  • @SurreyWanderer Not to forget Harriman's loan being extended to the end of the season too. Harriman's performances have been consistently good so far and to have a player with his ability (above League Two, IMO) and commitment in the team is a big plus.

  • Harriman signed a permanent contract (?duration) a few weeks ago.

  • 3,5 year deal til 2019

  • Thanks. That was a great signing and, what with the signing of a 'keeper who played 27 games for Coventry last season, PCH returning, the extension of Jason McCarthy's loan and the retention of Aaron Pierre, we seem to be in a very good place!

  • I don't get this 10 goal a season striker business. Hayes and Thompson have both proved they are more than capable, even at a higher level. Thompson got double figures for a relegated team as recently as last season.

    I think our problem is supply and getting the strikers in the right positions. Hopefully with a player like Paris on our books this should become easier.

  • Wycombe Wanderers has been a strikers graveyard in recent years. It's all down to the supply and a heavy dependance on a deep lying midfield to protect the defence. I'm not sure many strikers would score double figure totals for us at the moment.

  • Agreed. You'd have to back to early last season for that when Peter Murphy was scoring and assisting almost at will.

  • "...go back...."

  • @Rolo I agree mate, moving the ball up the pitch, out to the wings and through to the strikers is paramount, though our conversion rate leaves something to be desired too. If we can keep it tight at the back, get in dangerous positions and make the oppo keeper work.

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