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Home form

I know we have touched on this in a number of previous threads but coming at this issue from a slightly different angle.

We obviously have great spirit within the squad with the massive Plymouth away win proving that point once again. We have had a great away record over the past two seasons, so what exactly is going wrong at Adams Park?

Other than our glorious home win against Oxford, there have not been many bright times at AP this season so what is the cause and how can we turn our home form around?


  • Play it as an away match?

  • We are set up to counter attack and teams gave worked out if they sit back we can't okay through them.
    I think we need a bit more pace to our attacking play, hold the ball up front a bit more and remain patient.

  • The majority of L2 teams have better records away than at home. It's not so much that things are going 'wrong' for us, it's that plenty of teams set up in a similar way to the way we do (and some of those may well have learned from us last year). We need a little more guile and a change of pace to break them down; PCH should be key to that and I'm hopeful that Udumaga might start to have more of an impact too.

  • Maybe we should go back to the old sized pitch pull teams wide get in behind teams as we now have two very good wingers in harriman and pch. We get players in the box but play hoof ball

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