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Highlights on YouTube

Just took in the highlights of YouTube. Firstly what a Grade A ==== the Plymouth player was for not stopping when Lynch was clearly injured. If any of their fans want to bitch and moan about our tactics maybe they should take a look at that first. Clearly their manager is a fool for thinking the injury was part of a master plan.
Anyway, the thing that intrigued me was the clash at the end with Ainsworth. It looked to me if GA was the aggressor. Any ideas?


  • GA was clearly the aggressor and let the club down

  • GA's interview on Player shows him very much repeating that "manager's should show respect for each other" so I would assume that Adams had said / done something which he deemed very disrespectful during the game.

  • Ainsworth gets a lot of stick but im pretty sure he wouldnt of reacted like that unless there was some provocation. I obviously dont know either man personally but Adams has never seemed the most gentlemanly of people.

  • Adams probably took a dislike to an item of Gareth's clothing and said he had to have written permission from the FA to wear it

  • Hopefully they will both kiss and make up before our next meeting!

  • Ainsworth conducts himself with class, you don't hear him snivelling in the press after, he sorts anything that needs sorting at the time.

  • Very out of character reaction from Ainsworth. Doesn't look good without the context of what was said. Not quite sure what could have justified that reaction though.

  • Looking at the highlights GA looked very aggressive, don't no what was said but not a good example.

  • Until we know what was said and done by Adams to make Ainsworth lose his cool i won't make a judgement on his reaction at the final whistle even though i admit it does not look good at all.

  • I saw Adams post match interview and I wanted to punch him in the face. He has a backpfeifengesicht.

  • Going back to the GK incident, Jombatinshould have just let the ball go out, no issue then.

    If he kept it in aren't they entitled to play on?

  • It was a bizarre decision by Sido, and not the only one during the game. He kind made up for it later by casually back heeling a clearance in the six yard box though.

    Side note: that's possibly the fattest ref I've ever seen. He's so fat he could play for Luton.

  • He (appeared to ) back flick it into touch as he was looking at Lynch. I think he was caught out by the player behind him.
    Any team / player with any sense of decency would see that Lynch was injured as he had just been receiving treatment, he was on the deck and sliced his kick.
    The miss was therefore karma. As was the result.

  • Adams would of said something ainsworth conducts himself in a professional way for him to go off on one like that after we had won as well tells me he was provoked

  • Ainsworth is still a relatively young manager learning his trade. He was always a very fired up player so it stands to reason that he'd show that side during management, albeit as he moves up the leagues I'm sure he'll develop thicker skin and be able to handle nobodies like Adams.

    That said we haven't ever seen Gareth react in that way before, so surely a case of being wound up by the Plymouth team. He's often shown such grace in management, even standing next to Phil Brown during the shootout at Wembley, so can't believe this came out of nowhere.

    I actually like it that our manager gets involved and fights with the players, it shows he cares and most players would prefer to see that commitment from their leader. Can't remember who it was against but I remember an opposition fan saying earlier this season after a win for us that they bemoaned the fact that their manager didn't berate the ref, jump with every ball and prowl on the touch line for the whole 90 mins like Gareth did, so I'm glad we have such a passionate man in charge.

  • GA must've been sorely provoked to react like that, but there's no shame in it. Perhaps he wanted to know why Plymouth kept playing when we had a one legged keeper...

  • Even after that he composed himself for the interviews. As he has done even in games against the likes of Westley's Stevenage, that had some of us absolutely losing our sh!t like we didn't think we were capable of.

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