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The Xtraverts homecoming

Fridays saw the return of Wycombe's most notorious band after a long absence,
Here's The Xtraverts live at the Phoenix Bar


  • Reality is that if they had been good enough back in the day they would have done ok, not been "big in Wycombe". Sad thing is that the most popular thing to have come out of Wycombe is Howard Jones.................or the girl out of Little Mix

  • Or perhaps Dusty Springfield...

  • Matt Bianco, whom Matt Riley was formerly of the Xtraverts.

  • There is an awful, semi-successful metal band from Wycombe, called This Dying Hour, who have a song called "Wycombe til I Die".

  • Don't forget Ian Dury went to the Grammar school

  • And the brilliant Thee Hypnotics, whose singer Jim Jones went on to form the equally great Jim Jones Revue.

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    I was at school with Spike Jones' lad when his dad put out the Xtraverts single Blank Generation. We all got given a copy because we helped sticking the vinyl in the sleeves. No idea where it is now, which is a bit of a shame.

    And while we're on the subject of Wycombe musical heritage, I regularly sat next to chart-topper Judy Boucher on the 362 bus.

  • Don't forget Egon and the Worms in the late 80's also had a single out

  • Harold Juana were a good Wycombe band for those of you enjoying something Psychedelic

  • Anyone remember HaroldJuana..? Saw them play a couple times down the old Irish Club.

  • Teaches me to scroll all that down without reading.... Yes HJ were top, a very relaxed evening I vaguely recall.

  • Anyone else here go to the ill-fated Wycombe Live Aid back in 1985? The one when it poured with rain all day and they sold about 200 tickets instead of the hoped for 5000, then the organiser set fire to his office and did a runner? Seem to remember plenty of controversy over which Wycombe acts did or didn't get picked, and the headline was something to do with Curved Air. Only got vague memories of it all other than it was a truly wretched affair from start to finish.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover Sounds worthy of a episode of the Comic Strip Presents...!

  • Didnt Amazulu headline ? and there was a row about payments or expenses ?

  • You might well be right - as I say, my memories of that day are vague at best and mostly about a) the incessant rain and b) the overall disastrousness of it all. I seem to remember people being pee'd off that Basta Roc - at the time probably the most popular local band on the scene - weren't invited.

    Did I mention the rain?

  • I was one of the unpaid helpers for Wycombe liveaid. All a massive blur. I just remember babysitting amazulu and getting drenched. I was a meer 17 years old.

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