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  • Good luck to him. Talented, but maybe a square peg in a round hole. Seems best for all parties and I hope it works out somewhere.

  • Hopefully it hasn't cost the club too much money in compensation for early termination of his contract.

  • And that too!

  • Given that he scored against Plymouth at home it might have been sensible to have let him prove another point this weekend before letting him go (I'm assuming the Port Vale thing fell through). I'd have loved to have seen Banton on the left and PCH on the right, both banging in crosses against their former team. Appreciate that would make it difficult to include Harriman and leave the defence pretty exposed. But a boy can dream.

  • Good luck to the lad never realy given a chance. Last time we saw him was wene he scored pretty strange but hay ho !

  • Sadly he barely showed anything that suggested that he was worth a place. I was excited when he joined but something wasn't right for him.
    Could go either way. Gavin Holligan or Ikechi Anya

  • We took a big gamble on signing him, and it didn't pay off. We certainly haven't been the first club where he has failed to make a positive impression, he seems to be a very individualistic player but didn't offer enough end product for a club in our situation to be able to indulge that. A descent into the Conference or even lower looks inevitable sadly, you feel that if he could improve his teamwork he would be playing far higher than the 4th Division.

  • good luck to the lad, didn't seem the right fit from day one, never seemed to have the ball under control, and the writing was really on the wall.

  • Is be amazed if a football league club gave him a contract.

  • @Glenactico said:
    Is be amazed if a football league club gave him a contract.

    These players you curse are just not used to the way we play, it doesn't make them a shit footballer. I for one hope he or they may go and prove themselves and succeed and not be so negative.

  • @Glenactico; You seem to have to let rip on Banton and AAH.

    I am not surprised to be perfectly honest, never seen any positive comments, well never mind that's one less player (who get token time) to curse for the time being, while neglecting to pick holes on those who start and play @ 70-80 minutes more often than not.

    Still disappointed, one can bet on with thee bookies the starting lineup.

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