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this should probably come with some sort of warning


  • I suppose they could do us all a favour and hurl themselves off a cliff.

  • That is horrible. Lot seem to dislike or ignore MK Dons over the set up of the club but for me this story shows in stark reality why I hate the club so much.
    So many plastic fans and fake attachments.

    Everything that is wrong with franchise sport and a real lesson to us all to never ever let it happen again.

    The people in the article should be made choose or get locked away forever.

  • With the Franchise hovering around the relegation zone, there may well be end of season fixtures, that some teams who are playing their relegation rivals,but themselves have little to play for.
    Wouldn't it be unfortunate if those teams fielded some experimental teams and in turn gave points to the Franchise's rivals. Unfair or natural Justice ?

  • I think it's perfectly reasonable to have two teams. I chose West Ham in the early 70s when at primary school. I only started following WW in the late 80s when someone I worked with got me going along.
    I am now far more ardent towards Wycombe but still would say I follow WH as well.
    Only conflict of interest was the cup tie in late 90s, but naturally preferred WW.
    That said franchise are pretty deplorable all round.

  • Not safe for work. I didn't expect to open a link and see a pair of t**s

  • Jesus wept. The only thing missing from that article is the deviants involved playing tug of war with a half & half scarf.

  • Don't have a problem with anyone having two clubs. I'm a Liverpool fan from a young age so enjoyed our first trip to Villa Park more than most. That said, I was 100% supporting Wycombe from start to finish, even joining in the booing when Owen took that dive.

    I just don't get how any season ticket holder of any club anywhere could say they are 60-40 in favour of their hgher league opponents. That shows how much he actually cares about "his" "club".

  • Sat down to enjoy a beer after a hard day and I now have a little bit of sick in my mouth.

  • Roman, buy us a yacht
    Roman, Roman, buy us a yacht

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