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we have firmed up our enquiry about taking Matt Tubbs on loan

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looks like AFC Wimbledon are also serious about taking him. I wonder if being there before will count against us.


  • Why do you make things up? What is your motivation?

  • its not made up, its on lots on websites.

  • I also have no wish to converse with you @Chris as you edit post and delete things without good reason and basically cause trouble and misuse the power somebody foolishly gave you on this forum.

  • You can put me on ignore if you want!

  • like people say on here if you don't want to speak to somebody you don't need to use that facility just self control.

  • Richard Mayes spouting shit again I see

  • wait and see c*ck chops !

  • Like that loan striker J.s that was coming in?????

  • Self control. I see that as trying to get through a whole thread without unnecessarily insulting a) one of our own players or b) another poster. Bullshit is optional.

  • Be special signing if there's any truth

  • Sadly it appears that if @richmayes999 starts a thread, the ignore button is ineffective. I got caught out not realizing earlier and my eyes are still hurting! Fortunately I had the good sense not to react. Is there a "bullsh1t" button that I've missed?

  • I suspect he will go back to AFC but at least Gareth is trying because we will end up toying with relegation if we can't score a goal.

  • Hahah you do talk some bull. He is on 5k a week, in our dreams could we afford him. When will you get bored posting uttrt bulls##t?

  • Does seem massively unlikely we could bring him in. Not quite sure why he's slipped off Portsmouth's want list anyway, he was banging them in

  • Basically then he would need to bring in several hundred extra fans to cover his wages. Doesn't sound totally unreasonable if you say it quickly.

  • 'we've firmed up an enquiry'

    That's pretty definite then. Those who ignore are missing a treat

  • I am rather getting to like RichMayes posts. I work on the assumption that everything he/she says is automatically wrong - which so far is proving a highly successful strategy - but some of the resulting ripples from the posts are reasonably entertaining.

    Confusingly however there has been an increase in his or hers opinions (as opposed to claims) that are actually sensible, which is a little disappointing for us BS conn

  • The naming of unrealistic targets is an odd route to go down. The "a striker" will come in gives a much higher chance of success.

  • @ Chris . Seconded my man, richmayes999 is quite correct about you in my opinion

  • Agree Chris is too power happy

  • edited January 2016

    You can't please all the people all of the time!

  • AFC Wimbledon have no more money than we do and they are in for him, so whats the difference apart form our ground isn't Ryman Premier level and we have training facilities of our own and also a manager who works miracles.

  • Whisper it quietly Rich, but the training ground is not our own...

  • Although some of the facilities within it, such as the excellent gym equipment, presumably are.

  • Don't forget Tubbs can check his GPS stats, if Rubbs asks nicely they may provide an app.

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