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Chelsea keeping it classy again...

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After the whole Train incident they have now taken to smashing up local Business's


  • Charming bunch.

  • At least they're improving when it comes to reprimanding members of their staff for using insulting words to fellow professionals and colleagues. A steward was sacked for calling Fabregas a 'snake' at a recent game, whereas in 2012 John Terry was informed by his employers that “Chelsea appreciates, and supports, John’s full apology for the language he used” when he called Anton Ferdinand a 'black c***' during a match.

  • I really dislike Chelsea, but I'd imagine most big clubs have a mob of cretins like that.

    And it was probably only a small minority of that gang anyway.

    I remember a couple of our fans trying to get lippy away at Rovers one year and getting a slap!

  • My personal experience is that Chelsea seem to gave a larger element of racist, aggressive fans than any other top tier London club that I've visited.

  • I jokingly call my wife a Chelsea fan as, a couple of years ago, she stood at the main entrance at Stamford Bridge for a couple of hours collecting for a local charity and was surprised at the number of well-heeled looking supporters, including a well-known former Tory MP, studiously avoided eye contact, never mind donation. Didn't endear her to Chelsea. I also have an arguably irrational dislike of the club.

  • Nothing changes. I dont for one minute think things like this are isolated to Chelsea. Just a new era same old shit.

  • @micra that's a little unfair. So David Mellor didn't give a donation. The thing with it being well-heeled around Fulham is that you cannot move for chuggers requesting cash. In my experience most well-to-do individuals have set up not-insignificant direct debits to charities close to their heart in order to avoid the sense of guilt for not donating spare cash every few meters. I agree it's not particularly nice to avoid eye-contact though - it can be pretty disspiriting when hundreds pass you by without even acknowledgement.

  • Is Mellor saving his pennies for the new home strip when that man wants something he goes balls out to get it.

  • I last went to a game with a Chelsea supporting mate when Rudd Gullitt was in charge. (Early 90s) Most of the rednecks around us spent the game racially abusing THEIR OWN PLAYERS and looking around to see if anyone was offended enough for them to have to 'sort aaaaaaht'.

  • a little bit like when the "singing gang" spent considerable amounts of away games shouting "sing up gasroom" to try and goad a reaction, before furiously scouring the crowd in front of them to see if anyone would try and reason with a gang of 30 abusive yoofs

  • I was at that now infamous game back in the 80s when Chelsea played away at Palace and brought Paul Canoville on for his debut, to be greeted by a prolonged barrage of racist abuse from his own so-called fans. I know that the majority of Chelsea fans nowadays are probably nothing like that but they retain a very sizeable contingent that are nothing more than vermin and they'll always be one of my most detested clubs.

  • On the ocassion I went the lads around me took exception to the subsititute appearance of Mark Stein. It remains the most unpleasant experience I've ever had at the football. We left before the end.

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