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Roy Mcdonut

I read McDonough's book last year, and struggle to think of a more pig ignorant,self flattering
brain dead arsehole.
Then i came across his name on facebook, and browsed through numerous foul mouth postings, until i came across this one from last May.

"Best of luck Southend Utd tomorrow, do me a favour and beat Wycombe for me don't have greatest memories of them, Mr O'Neill and a Mr Alan Parry two numb nuts.
You fans enjoy the day the team have worked wonders this year as have the management."


  • Failed used car salesman last time I heard

  • @ChasHarps That tossrag insists on piping up now and then in the media to make a complete tit of himself, though I would have thought you would have been in agreement with McDoughnut about your favourite Scouser Mr Parry!

  • The man has no credibility at all, it only takes a quick comparison of his career to O Neills to see him off.

    He may have won the minor battle of one year's Vauxhall conference, with a full time squad v our part timers, on goal difference, but after that?

    Not a lot

  • Quite. I imagine his blood pressure goes up a little bit every time St Martin wins another trophy or gets another plum job, while he festers in his crappy little car lot.

  • He lives in Spain now working for a company that changes currency.

  • Few Wycombe thugs have clashed with him on Twitter

  • Opening line of his Twitter bio is "English red card record holder with 22 early baths".

    His timeline is barely literate and not worth reading.

  • only a cretin would be proud of that.

    Shame he didn't try and act the big man down the park leagues where he didn't have proper protection and professional honour to keep him safe.

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