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Pitch size. Time for a change?

Our away form over the last 18 months is better than our home form.
So can someone please justify the narrowing and shortening the playing surface at Adams Park.
We now have a bit of pace with PCH so surely the extra space will play in to our hands.
If you were at Millwall we were the better side, as we were for an hour at Villa Park.


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    @Fit2drop; Been over an hour, that should tell you something about justifying the narrowing and shortening the playing surface at Adams Park. It's not going to change anytime soon and PCH didn't have a problem the last time he was here.

    I myself prefer big pitches, the bigger the better so Forest can run to his heart's content.

  • Ciderk1d. Point taken. I am fed up taking friends to AP only to see a poor game and a loss. Yet I go away and more regularly see a better performance. Luton coming up soon, I have talked some mates in to coming. Praying for a similar result as the Oxford game.

  • I'm not sure I believe this but has AP as 75 yards wide and Millwall at just 68. I suspect the 75 for us was before we changed it but 68 could well be right for the New Den, I don't remember it looking particularly wide when we were there.

  • AP is 70 yards, New Den is 68.

    Villa Park is 74 and a bit. Premier League has a rule that pitches must be 105m by 68m where possible, think Spurs is shortest pitch.

  • Yes 75 was the old width. I know this without looking as at the time Adams Park was built a big thing was made about the pitch being the same size as Wembley. As if this was the greatest thing since sliced bread!

  • @LX1 It served us well, we never lost at Wembley while we had a pitch the exact same size. As soon as we changed it though...

  • Good point! That hadn't occurred to me. Would Jesus of had the same spatial awareness to jink his way around the Preston defence in 94? Change the pitch back now!

  • Ainsworth wanted the pitch changed as it suits the style he wants to play. Just like his playing days at Wimbledon.

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