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Team for Plymouth

With the recent moves in and out and barring any more loanees coming in what would be everyone's pick for the starting XI at Plymouth?

Mine is as follows:


Subs: Sido, AAH, Blooms, Jermaine, Woody



  • 4-3-3 Lynch, McCarthy, Pierre, Stewart, Jacobson, Bean, O'Nein, Jermaine, Harriman, Thompson, Cowan-Hall

  • Doubt Hayes will be fit

  • 4-4-2 and assuming Hayes not fit





    Subs Richardson, Stewart, Sellars, Wood, Bloomfield, Udumaga, Ugwu

  • No place in the squad for Holloway, is he now ostracized by one and all for the crime of not applauding at Villa Park?

  • No he is excluded because he is lazy and gives off the general impression on the pitch that he can't be arsed. We have better options.

  • Lynch, Pierre, Stuart, sido, McCarthy, Harriman, bean , o'nien, udamaga, Holloway, pch.

  • @mooneyman who are these better options then? Appears to me he has had the least game time out of all the forwards and they are not exactly pulling up trees are they. Maybe if he had the right service he could be better, mind you the same could be said for all forwards this season. Hoping that PCH can get down the wing and put a decent supply chain into the box for forwards to feed off?

  • All those that will give 100% Ewan. Morgan was lazy, temperamental and a pain but he had 10 times the ability of Holloway so could get away with it.

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    mooneyman who are these better options then?


    Totally agree, I know a few friends who run a few "K" every day and run up the shops and back before the adverts have finished. I'll give them a call to chase after the opposition, get in their face and control those aerial launches to the corner flag shall I. No quality but hey they can run all day.

    My solution @mooneyman, play it to players feet a bit more and instead of the back four, launching it up the pitch, look for our midfielders, winger (PCH) and then look for runs from the attackers or a quality cross surely better than what we our currently doing. Or more of the same versus Plymouth, run forest run, well done son 100%, your GPS statstics where off charts.

  • @Ciderk1d said:
    well done son 100%, your GPS statstics where off charts.

    I can actually imagine this being said in the dressing room lol

  • Morgan had 10 times the ability of Holloway?
    Let's not get too carried away eh!

  • I didn't see as many as most but did see a few games where PCH played CF. In those games he was not effective. For me he starts RW or not at all. Of course if he plays RW, Harriman doesn't. Slightly odd signing for me, unless it is a sign that either (or both) of Pierre or Mccathy are off and plan is to move Harriman to RB.

  • Probably just leapt at the chance to bring in someone who was really good for us, i a good egg and offers the pace no one else does.
    Jombati surely can't be moved long term, and Harriman certainly can't, so up front/left seem the way forward.

    Slightly concerned that McCarthy might have some kind of "has to play" clause. That run out in centre mid did strike me as a bit odd, and goodness knows what McGinn, and maybe Bean reckon about it.
    Not sure if McCarthy has experience there for Southampton's youth teams.

  • Bean won't have anything to say, he isn't fit and won't expect to play. McGinn is a very poor player and lacks pace and but has some guile. I think Matty B has been excellent for most of the games he has played and would be back in at Plymouth with maybe Sido back onto the bench but not sure if GA will do that.
    I also think more players will leave before the window shuts.

  • Bean is generally pretty loquacious so that is rather worrying (if true).

  • He has just been out for over 2 months with ankle ligaments, ideally we would have got him on in the last couple of games but they haven't panned out that way.

  • @richmayes999 - I fear my merry quip fell on stony ground. Others will appreciate it perhaps!

  • I didn't even see that post was just adding to my previous ..... yes I can imagine him talking for England.

  • Wood will start ainsworth will never never ever drop him.....hayes may not be fit so start ugwa in middle with Thomson on left and pch on right off a 4-3-3. Wouldn't be surprised if it's the same starting 11 as Saturday apart from hayes how fun

  • most people on here won't have to watch it so I wouldn't worry !

  • I guess it is potentially McCarthy's last game on Saturday for us.

    I think he is a superb player but am torn on thinking we have a lot of cover at right back and central defence. Would his cost be better spent elsewhere in the squad?

  • I doubt we are paying any of his wages ......... the watch on his wrist costs more than most of our players car's !!!

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